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SPPO2510 Reading List

Latin America since Independence (c1800 - c1930), 2017/18
Rebecca Jarman
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L.Bethell (ed.) The Cambridge History of Latin America (Cambridge UP1984-96)(Vols III-XIII)

E. Williamson The Penguin history of Latin America (Penguin,1992)

J.Lynch The Spanish American Revolutions 1808-1826 (Norton,2nd.ed.1986)

L.Bethell (ed.) Colonial Spanish America (Cambridge UP1987)

C.Furtado Economic development of Latin America : historical background and contemporary problems (Cambridge UP 2nd ed 1976)

S.Schwartz and J.Lockhart Early Latin America : a history of colonial Spanish America and Brazil (Cambridge UP 1984)

T.Skidmore & P.Smith Modern Latin America (Oxford UP 4th.ed.1996)

V. Bulmer-Thomas The Economic History of Latin America since Independence (Cambridge UP 1994)

R. Salvucci Latin America and the world economy : dependency and beyond (DC Heath 1996)

G.Wynia The Politics of Latin American Development (Cambridge UP 1990)

E.Archetti, P.Cammack, B.Roberts (eds.) Latin America (MacMillan 1986)

Forment, Carlos A. Democracy in Latin America, 1760-1900 . (University of Chicago Press, 2003)

J.Lynch Caudillos in Spanish America, 1800-1850 (Oxford UP1991)

D.Bushnell and N.Macaulay The Emergence of Latin America in the Nineteenth Century (Oxford UP1988)

R.Miller Britain and Latin America in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries (Longman 1993)

W.La Feber Inevitable Revolutions (1978)

G.Joseph, C. LeGrand and R. Salvatore, (eds.), Close encounters of empire : writing the cultural history of U.S.-Latin American relations (Duke UP, 1998).

L.Schoultz, Beneath the United States : a history of U.S. policy toward Latin America (Harvard UP 1998)

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B.Hamnett A Concise History of Mexico , (Cambridge, CUP,1999)

E.Krauze Mexico : biography of power : a history of modern Mexico, 1810-1996 (NY 1997).

R.E. Ruíz Triumphs and tragedy : a history of the Mexican people , (Norton,1992)

L.Bethell (ed.) Mexico since independence (Cambridge, CUP,1991)

J.Bazant A concise history of Mexico from Hidalgo to Cárdenas, 1805-1940 (CUP1977)

M.Meyer & W.Sherman The Course of Mexican History (3rd.ed.1992)

T.Anna Forging Mexico, 1821-1853 (Nebraska, 1998)

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F.Mallon Peasant and Nation: The Making of Postcolonial Mexico and Peru, (Berkeley 1995)

J.Tutino From insurrection to revolution in Mexico : social bases of agrarian violence, 1750-1940 (Princeton 1986)

F.X. Guerra México : del antiguo régimen a la Revolución (2 vols, México, 1988)

B.Hamnett Juárez (Longman, 1994)

L.B.Perry Juárez and Díaz : machine politics in Mexico (DeKalb, 1978)

C.Hale The transformation of liberalism in late nineteenth-century Mexico (Princeton1989)

P.Garner Porfirio Díaz (Longman 2001)

F.Katz (ed.) Riot, rebellion, and revolution : rural social conflict in Mexico (Princeton 1988)

P.Vanderwood Disorder and progress : bandits, police, and Mexican development (Lincoln 1991)

T.Benjamin La Revolución : Mexico's great revolution as memory, myth, & history (Austin 2000)

J.Rodríguez (ed.) The revolutionary process in Mexico : essays on political and social change, 1880-1940 (Los Angeles, 1990)

J.Hart Revolutionary Mexico: The Coming and Process of the Mexican Revolution (Stanford 1987)

A.Knight The Mexican Revolution (CUP, Cambridge, 2 vols., 1986)

R.Ruíz The Great Rebellion (Norton, NY 1980)

A.Gilly La revolucion interrumpida : México, 1910-1920, una guerra campesina por la tierra y el poder. Mexico, El Caballito,1971 and translation by Patrick Camiller The Mexican Revolution .

J.Silva Herzog Breve Historia de la Revolución Mexicana , (Mexico, FCE, 2 vols. 1960)

J.Reed Insurgent Mexico (Penguin, 1983).

F. Katz The secret war in Mexico : Europe, the United States, and the Mexican Revolution (Chicago 1982)

S.Ross Francisco I. Madero : apostle of Mexican democracy , (New York,1955)

M.Meyer Mexican rebel : Pascual Orozco and the Mexican Revolution, 1910-1915 (Lincoln 1967)

C.Maclachan Anarchism and the Mexican Revolution : the political trials of Ricardo Flores Magón in the United States (Berkeley 1991)

J.Brown Oil and revolution in Mexico (Berkeley 1993)

F.Katz The Life and Times of Pancho Villa (Stanford 1998)

J.Womak Zapata and the Mexican Revolution (London 1968)

S.Brunk Emiliano Zapata : revolution & betrayal in Mexico (1995)

C.Cumberland The Mexican Revolution: The Constitutionalist Years (Austin 1972)

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III) Venezuela

Coronil, Fernando. ‘The Nation’s Two Bodies’, The magical state : nature, money, and modernity in Venezuela (London: Chicago University Press, 1997)

Deas, Malcolm. ‘Venezuela, Colombia and Ecuador: the first half-century of Independence. In: Leslie Bethell (ed.), The Cambridge history of Latin America. Vol.3, From independence to c.1870 (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1985)

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McBeth, Brian S. Dictatorship & politics : intrigue, betrayal, and survival in Venezuela, 1908-1935 : (Notre Dame: Notre Dame University Press, 2008)

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Stann, Eugene Jeffrey. Caracas, Venezuela, 1891-1936 : a study of urban growth

Tarver, H. Micheal & Julia C. Frederick. The history of Venezuela (London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2006)

Tinker Salas, Miguel. The enduring legacy : oil, culture, and society in Venezuela (London: Duke University Press, 2009)

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Roquinaldo Ferreira, Cross-cultural exchange in the Atlantic world : Angola and Brazil during the era of the slave trade (Cambridge: CUP, 2012)

Barman, Roderick J, Citizen emperor : Pedro II and the making of Brazil, 1825-91 (University of Stanford Press, 1999).

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Shawn C. Smallman, Fear & memory in the Brazilian army and society, 1889-1954 (Chapel Hill and London: University of North Carolina Press, 2002).

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Manuel Barcia, Seeds of insurrection : domination and slave resistance on western Cuban plantations, 1808-1848 (Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 2008).

Manuel Barcia, The great African slave revolt of 1825 : Cuba and the fight for freedom in Matanzas (Baton Rouge: LSU Press, 2012)

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