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Module Reading List

Media Depictions of Mental Health (Online), 2017/18
Gary Morris
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Essential reading

MORRIS, G. (2006). Mental health issues and the media . London: Routledge

MIND OUT (2002). Mindshift: a guide to open-minded media coverage of mental health . Mind Out: London

MEDIA BUREAU (2001). Mental health and the press [online]

PHILO, G. (Ed). (1996). Media and mental distress . London: Longman

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BOLTON, J. (2000). Mental illness and the media. Psychiatric Bulletin ; 24(9) pp345-346

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DIEFENBACH, D. (1997). The Portrayal of mental illness on prime time television. Journal of Community Psychology ; 25(3) pp289-302

FRAME, J. (1980). Faces in the water . London: Women’s Press.

HALLAM, A. (2002). Media influences on mental health policy: long term effects of the Clunis and Silcock cases. International review of Psychiatry ; 14(1) pp26-33.

GABBARD, G. and GABBARD, K. (1999). Psychiatry and the cinema . Washington: American Psychiatric Press

KESEY, K. (1979). One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest . London: Marion Boyars

MCARDLE, S. and BYRT, R. (2001). Fiction, poetry and mental health: expressive and therapeutic uses of literature. Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing ; 8(6) pp517-524

MCQUAIL, D. (2005). McQuail’s mass communication theory . 5th edition. London: Sage

MIND (2000). Counting the cost: a survey of the impact of media coverage on the lives of people with mental health problems. Mind publications. (Out of print)

MORRALL, P. (2000). Madness and murder . London: Whurr

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PHILO, G. (1997). Changing Media representations of mental health. Psychiatric Bulletin ; 21(3) pp 171-172.

PLATH, S. (1963). The Bell Jar . London: Faber

ROYAL COLLEGE OF PSYCHIATRISTS. (2001). Changing Minds: Every Family in the Land

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WILSON, C.; NAIRN, R.; COVERDALE, J. and PANAPA, A.. (1999). Mental illness depictions in prime-time drama: identifying the discursive resources. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Psychiatry ; 33(2) pp232-239

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Useful websites

British Board of Film Classification

British Film Institute

Broadcasting standards Commission Code of Practice


Motion Picture Association of America

Press Complaints Commission

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