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Module Reading List

Advanced Macroeconomics, 2018/19, Semester 1
Antonio Rodriguez Gil
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

There is no single textbook for this module although the following books can be used as main reference texts:

BasicĀ readings

B. Hillier (1991), The Macroeconomic Debate

G. Fontana and M. Setterfield (eds. 2010), Macroeconomic theory and macroeconomic pedagogy

W. Carlin and D. Soskice (2006), Macroeconomics : imperfections, institutions, and policies.

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Advanced readings

B. Snowdon, H.R. Vane & P. Wynarczyk (2005), A Modern Guide to Macroeconomics

B. Snowdon & H.R. Vane, A Macroeconomics Reader

T. Jenkinson, Readings in Macroeconomics (2 nd ed.)

N.G. Mankiw, Macroeconomics (6 th ed.), New York: Worth 2006.

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Other Readings

K.A. Chrystal & S. Price, Controversies in macroeconomics (3 rd ed.)

P. Davidson, Post Keynesian macroeconomic theory

P. Davidson, Controversies in post Keynesian economics

P. Fallon & D. Verry, The economics of labour markets

P.G. Korliras & R.S. Thorn, Modern macroeconomics

E. Malinvaud, The theory of unemployment reconsidered

N.G. Mankiw & D. Romer (eds.), New Keynesian Economics , vol. 1

N.G. Mankiw & D. Romer (eds.), New Keynesian Economics , vol. 2

P. Sinclair, Unemployment: economic theory and evidence

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