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Module Reading List

International Business Management, 2018/19, Semester 1, 2
Angelo Solarino
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Course Texts

There is no one text book for this module, but the following books will be used for a number of lectures: 

Rugman and Collinson (2012)  International Business (6th ed), Pearson, FT Prentice Hall

Hollensen, S (2013) Global marketing: a decision-oriented approach (6th ed), Pearson, FT Prentice Hall

Head, K. (2007). Elements of multinational strategy. Springer Science & Business Media.

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Suggested Further Reading

In addition to the course text additional readings will be given to you in the class as handouts, or in the lecture notes, or put on the VLE

The following texts are suggested:

Hill, C. W. L. (2015) International Business, Competing in the Global Marketplace, (10th ed), McGraw-Hill

Griffin, R.W and Pustay, M.W (2014) International Business, A Managerial Perspective, (8th ed), Pearson, FT Prentice Hall 

Hofstede, G & Minkov, M (2010) Cultures and organizations : software of the mind : intercultural cooperation and its importance for survival, (3rd ed), McGraw-Hill

Hofstede, G (2003), Culture's Consequences: Comparing Values, Behaviours, Institutions and Organisations across Nations, (2nd ed.) Sage Publications.

Holden, N. (2002) Cross-cultural management : a knowledge management perspective. Harlow, UK: Pearson Education

Buckley PJ and Ghauri, P (eds) (1999), The internationalization of the firm: A reader (2nd ed) South Western Cengage Learning

Root, F.R (1998) Entry strategies for international markets (2nd ed) John Wiley & Son


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