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Module Reading List

The International Economic Environment, 2018/19, Semester 1
Frank McDonald
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Core Text:

Dicken P. (2015), Global shift : mapping the changing contours of the world economy 7th Ed. London: Sage (students may also use the 2011, 6th edition).

Hill C.W.L. (2015), International Business: Competing in the Global Marketplace, 10th Ed., McGraw-Hill. (You may also read the previous editions.)

Morrison J. (2011) The global business environment : meeting the challenges, 3rd Ed, Palgrave.

Further recommended Reading:

Head, K. (2007). Elements of multinational strategy. Springer Science & Business Media.

Artis M. and Nixson F. (2007) The economics of the European Union : policy and analysis, 4th Ed.,Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Czinkota M.R, Ronkainen, I.A. and Moffett M.H. (2011), International business, 8th Ed., Wiley.

Daniels J.D., Radebaugh L.H. and Sullivan D.P. (2014), International business : environments and operations, Global Edition, 15th Ed., Pearson, Prentice Hall.

Daniels J. P. and van Hoose, D.D. (2014) Global economic issues and policies, 3rd Ed., London and New York: Routledge.

Dunning J.H and Lundan S.M (2008), Multinational enterprises and the global economy, 2nd Edition: Edward Elgar

Dunning J.H. (1992), Multinational enterprises and the global economy, Wokingham: Addison-Wesley

de Grauwe, P (eds) (2014) Economics of Monetary Union, 10th Edition. Oxford University Press

Hoekman B.M and Kostecki M.M (2009) The political economy of the world trading system : the WTO and beyond: 3rd Ed., Oxford University Press.

Kafouros, M.I. (2008) Industrial innovation and firm performance : the impact of scientific knowledge on multinational corporations, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

McDonald F. and Dearden S. (eds) (2005) European economic integration, 4th edition, Harlow: FT / Prentice Hall

Wells L.T (1972) The Product life cycle and international trade (Harvard Business School Publications)

Journal articles:

Buckley, P.J. and Ghauri, P. (2004) Globalisation, economic geography and the strategy of multinational enterprises. Journal of international business studies., 35(2): 81-98.

Lu J.W., Beamish P.W. (2004) International Diversification and Firm Performance: The S-Curve Hypothesis, Academy of Management journal., 47(4), 598-609.

Rugman, A.M. and Verbeke, A. (2004) A perspective on regional and global strategies of multinational enterprises. Journal of international business studies. , 35(1): 3-18.

Vernon. R, (1966) International Investment and International Trade in the Product Cycle The quarterly journal of economics. 80(2): 190-207

Hitt, M., Hoskisson, R., Kim, H. (1997) International Diversification: Effects on Innovation and Firm Performance in Product-Diversified Firms, Academy of Management journal., 40(4), 767-798.


International Business:

Journal of International Business Studies.

Journal of World Business.

Management International Review.

General Management:

Academy of Management Journal.

The Academy of Management Review.

Journal of Management.

Journal of Management Studies.

British Journal of Management.

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