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Module Reading List

Human Resource Management: An International Perspective, 2018/19, Semester 1
Prof. Chris Forde
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Unfortunately, there is no comprehensive text currently available which covers all the topics to be addressed on the course in the amount of detail we require. However, the book that we recommend is:



Bach, S. (2005) (ed) Managing Human Resources: Personnel Management in Transition, 4th ed. Oxford: Blackwell



Books which provide a good overview are (the titles in bold are particularly useful):



Bamber, G., Lansbury, R. and Wailes, N. (eds) (2004) International and Comparative Employment Relations. Globalisation and the developed market economies. London: Sage


Boxall, P. and Purcell, J. (2002) Strategy and Human Resource Management, Palgrave MacMillan: Basingstoke


Harzing, A-W. and Pinnington, A.H. (2011) International Human Resource Management, London: Sage, 3rd edition


Hollingshead, G. (2010) International and Comparative Human Resource Management, Maidenhead: McGraw-Hill


Larson, H.H. and Mayrhofer, W. (eds) (2006) Managing Human Resources in Europe, London/New York: Routledge


Schuler, R.S. and Jackson, S.E. (2007) Strategic Human Resource Management, 2nd edn. Oxford: Blackwell


Scullion, H. and Linehan, M. (2005) International Human Resource Management. A critical text. Palgrave Macmillan: Basingstoke


Storey, J. and Sisson, K. (2000) The Realities of Human Resource Management. Milton Keynes: OUP


Key readings will be indicated during the course



The following journals all contain articles relevant to the concerns of the course.  You should familiarise yourself with these and others in the field and keep up to date with new issues.



British Journal of Industrial Relations

Employee Relations

European Journal of Industrial Relations

Gender, Work and Organization

Human Relations

Human Resource Management Journal

Industrial Relations Journal

International Journal of Human Resource Management

Work Employment and Society


Additional readings will be distributed during lectures.




There are a number of very useful internet sites containing general information and academic articles. A number of such sites are referred to below. You are urged to visit these and discover others!


















Inst. for International HR:


Search engine for work and HR websites: 

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