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Module Reading List

Brand Management and Corporate Identity, 2018/19, Semester 2
Josko Brakus
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

As this module spans two areas, marketing and design, there is no single textbook which comprehensively covers the entire programme so some reading will be distributed to you in class.

Recommended for purchase:

Keller, KL (2012) Strategic brand management [electronic resource] : a European perspective, Hampshire, Prentice Hall

A comprehensive text giving in-depth coverage. Focus us international, rather than purely European.

The following texts are also highly recommended:

Laforet, S (2010) Managing brands : a contemporary perspective , Berkshire : McGraw Hill

A great new, up to date edition to the branding field. Covers most aspects of branding. Ideal for students seeking a lighter read

de Chernatony L, (2010), From Brand Vision to Brand Evaluation: The strategic process of growing and strengthening brands, Oxford: Butterworth- Heinemann

Provides good insight into the brand management process and focuses on brandidentity

Gobe M, (2010), Emotional branding : the new paradigm for connecting brands to people, Allworth Press, New York, Introduction, chapters 1, 11, 13

Olins, W (2004), On b[r]and, London: Thames and Hudson – general reference

Essential background reading for Jamie’s classes

Week 1

Keller et al, chapters 1, 2

Laforet, S chapters 2, 5

de Chernatony chapters 1, 2

Selected References:

Belk, RW, (1988), Possessions and the Extended Self, Journal of consumer research., vol 15, No 2, pp 139-168

Grace, D. & O’Cass, A., 2002, Brand association:looking through the eye of the beholder, Qualitative market research, Vol 5, No2, pp 96-111

O’Shaughnessy, J. & O’Shaughnessy, N.J., 2002, Marketing, the consumer society and hedonism , European journal of marketing., Vol 36, No 5/6, pp 524-547

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Week 2

Keller et al, chapters 2, 3

Laforet, S, chapter 5

de Chernatony L, chapter 8

Selected References:

Keller, K (1993), Conceptualising, measuring and managing customer-based brand equity, Journal of marketing., January, Vol 57, pp 1-22

Nancarrow, C. Nancarrow P. and Page, J. (2001), An analysis of the concept of cool and its marketing implications, Journal of consumer behaviour, Vol 1, N o 4, pp 311-322

Sbarbaro S, Van den Bergh J, Veris E & De Ruyck T, 2011, We got a crush on you(th)! [electronic resource] : involving influential Gen Y'ers from 15 global cities to learn why something is cool, ESOMAR, Vienna, November 2011

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Week 3

Keller et al, chapters 6, 7

Gobe, chapters 1, 11, 13

Laforet, chapter 8

Selected References

Brown, S. Sherry JR, JF. And Kozinets, RV (2003) Teaching old brands new tricks: Retro branding and the revival of brand meaning, Journal of marketing., Vol 67, pp 83-93

Erdogan, B. Z. (1999), Celebrity endorsement: A literature review, Journal of marketing management., 15, pp 291-314.

Holbrook MB & Schindler RM (2003), Nostalgic Bonding: Exploring the role of nostalgia in the consumption experience , Journal of consumer behaviour, 3 (2), pp107-127

McCracken, G. (1989). “Who is the celebrity Endorser? Cultural Foundations of the Endorsement Process”, Journal of consumer research., Vol.16.pp.310-321.

Salzer-Morling, M. & Strannegard, L. (2004), Silence of the brands , European journal of marketing., Vol 38, No 1/2, pp 224-238.

WARC Briefing: Using Emotion, Warc Exclusive, November 2010 [WARC] Available via

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Week 4

Keller et al, chapters 8, 9, 11, 14

Text book readings only this week

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Week 5

Selected Readings : To be advised

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Week 6

Selected Readings : To be advised

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Week 7

Selected Readings : To be advised

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Week 8

Keller et al, chapter 12

Laforet, chapter 7

Selected Readings

Aaker, D, (1990) Brand extensions: the good, the bad and the ugly , Sloan management review., Summer, pp 47-56

Aaker, D, Keller, K. (1990) Consumer Evaluations of Brand Extensions. Journal of marketing.: 54 (1), pp. 27-41.

Grime, I, Diamantopoulos, A, & Smith, G (2002). Consumer evaluations of extensions and their Effects on the core brand. European journal of marketing. 36 (11/12) pp.1415-1438.

Hem, L, deChernatony, ., and Iversen, N, (2001) Factors influencing successful Brand extensions , Journal of marketing management., Vol 19, No 7-8, pp 781-806

Martinez, E., & Chernatony, L. D. (2004). The effect of brand extension strategies upon brand image, Journal of consumer marketing., 21.1 pp 39-50

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Week 9

Selected References:

Atwal, G and Williams, A (2009) Luxury brand marketing- the experience is everything .Journal of brand management , Vol 16, No 5/6, pp338-346pp. 33 8-34

Fionda AM and Moore CM, (2008), The anatomy of luxury fashion brands, Journal of brand management, Vol 16 No 5/5, pp 347-363

Kapferer, JN (1997), Managing luxury brands, Journal of brand management, 4(4), pp 251-260

Kapferer JN and Bastien V (2009) The Specificity of Luxury Management, Journal of brand management, Vol 16 No 5/6, pp 311-322

Keller KL (2009) Managing the growth tradeoff: Challenges and opportunities in luxury branding, Journal of brand management, Vol 16, No 5/6, pp 290-301

Okonkwo, U (2009) Sustaining the luxury brand on the internet, Journal of brand management, Vol 16 No 5/6, pp 302-310

Phau I and Prendergast G (2000), Consuming Luxury Brands: The Relevance of the Rarity Principle, Journal of brand management, Volume 8 No 2, pp 122-138

Vigneron F and Johnson L (2009) Journal of brand management, Vol 16, No 5/6, pp 338-346

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Week 10

Laforet, chapter 11

Selected References

Carpeneter J, Moore M, Fairhurst A (2005), Consumer shopping value for retail brands, Journal of fashion marketing and management : an international journal.,Vol 9, No 1, pp 45-53

de Chernatony L & Segal-Horn S, (2001) The Criteria for successful services brand, European journal of marketing., Vol 37, No 7/8, pp 1095-1118

Dibb S & Simkin L (1993), The Strength of Branding and Positioning in Services, International journal of service industry management, Vol 4, No 1, pp 25-35

Kent T (2003), 2D23D: Management and design perspectives on retail branding, International journal of retail & distribution management., Vol 31, No 3, pp 131-142

Useful Online Resources

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