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Module Reading List

Principles of International Business, 2018/19, Semester 1, 2
Giles Blackburne
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

The core text for this module is: Daniels, JD, Radebaugh, LH and Sullivan, DP (2015) International business : environments and operations. (15th ed), Pearson (Global Edition).

You are recommended to purchase this textbook. In each lecture, you will be directed towards individual chapters and sections from this text, and many of the tutorials (as well as other exercises used during the module) will be drawn from it. The book will serve as a useful reference text throughout your course of study on the BSc International Business degrees (if you are studying these programmes). Additional readings will be given to you in a bibliography at the end of each lecture. You may also find the following textbooks useful at various points on the module:

Hollensen, S (2016) Global marketing (7th ed.) Pearson.

Cavusgil, ST, Knight, G and Riesenberger (2016) International Business: the New Realities (4th ed.) Pearson.

Hill, CWL (2015) International business : competing in the global marketplace (10th ed.), McGraw-Hill.

Ball, DA, Geringer, JM, Minor, MS and McNett, JM (2013) International business : the challenge of global competition (13 th ed.) McGraw-Hill International Edition.

Peter J. Buckley, Peter Enderwick, and Adam R. Cross, (2018), International Business, Oxford University Press

Dunning, JH and Lundan, SM (2008) Multinational enterprises and the global economy (2 nd ed) Edward Elgar.

Griffin, RW and Pustay, MW (2015) International business (8 th ed), Pearson.

Hill, CWL (2013) International business : competing in the global marketplace (9th ed), McGraw-Hill International Edition.

Morrison, J (2009) International business : challenges in a changing world Palgrave Macmillan.

Shenkar, O, Luo, Y and Chi, T. (2015)  International Business, Routledge.

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