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Module Reading List

Systems Thinking and Consulting Practice, 2018/19, Semester 1
Matthew Davis
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

You will be provided with a set of references after each lecture relating to the individual topic taught. The references below give a good general introduction to socio-technical systems theory, risk management, HCI and human factors. Due to the advanced nature of this module a single core textbook is not available, you will be expected to follow-up on references and to read relevant journal articles.

Core Texts

The core texts provide an overview of the topics covered in the module.

Cherns, A.B. (1976). The principles of sociotechnical design. Human relations , 29, 783-792.

Cherns, A.B. (1987). Principles of sociotechnical design revisited. Human relations , 40, 153-162.

Clegg, C.W. (2000). Sociotechnical principles for system design. Applied ergonomics. , 31, 463–477.

Davis, M. C., Challenger, R., Jayewardene, D., & Clegg, C. W. (2013). Advancing socio- technical systems thinking: A call for bravery. Applied ergonomics. ( 

Glendon, A.I., Clarke, S. & McKenna, E.F. (2006). Human safety and risk management ( 2 nd Edition) . CRC Press.

Rogers, Y., Sharp, H. & Preece, J. (2011). Interaction Design: Beyond Human-Computer Interaction (3 rd Edition). New York: Wiley.

Wilson, J.R. & Corlett, N. (Eds.). (2005). Evaluation of human work (3rd Edition). London: CRC Press. 


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Reading List

A detailed reading list will be given in each session.  This will provide references to: (a) the recommended core texts; (b) books providing recent, critical reviews of established knowledge; and (c) journal articles that report the latest theories or research evidence in a particular field.

To facilitate access to the readings, where possible, readings that are available electronically will be used. To access such readings:

1. Go to

2. In the menu ‘I want to …’ click on the ‘use electronic resources’ search box.

3. In ‘e-Resources’, ‘Search for e-resources’ enter the journal title (e.g., academy of management review) and click on the button ‘title search’

4. Click on the link in the ‘click to view’ column

5. Follow links until you locate the article you are after. Sometimes the link is to a list of the volumes of the journal in which case you need to find the volume number and issue you want, and then locate the article you want. Sometimes the link is to a literature searching database (e.g., ABI inform) in which case an advanced search using the lead authors surname and a key word or phrase from the title should lead to you locating the article.

Alternatively search in the list of publications for the journal you want and then locate the volume and issue number.

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The following journals contain articles relevant to the module. You should familiarise yourself with these journals and keep up-to-date with current issues:

Academy of Management journal.

Applied ergonomics.

The Academy of Management review.

Annual review of psychology.


Human relations.

Human factors.

International review of industrial and organizational psychology.

Journal of Applied Psychology.

Journal of occupational psychology.

Journal of organizational behavior.

Psychological bulletin.

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