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Module Reading List

Operations and Supply Chain Management, 2018/19, Semester 1
Gary Graham
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Core text

We will use the following core text:

*Slack, N.; Brandon-Jones, A.; Johnston, B. (2016), Operations and Supply Chain Management, Compiled by Chee Yew Wong, LUBS2900 and LUBS5238M, University of Leeds, Pearson.  ISBN 978-1-78449-265-6.

Note: *The above core text is a customized book that contains selected chapters only. For those who want to buy or read the full version (all chapters) of the above book (8th ed.) then get Slack, N.; Brandon-Jones, A.; Johnston, B. (2016),  Operations Management , 8E, Pearson. ISBN 978-1-29209-867-8. 7th and 8th editions are also available from the library.

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Additional Reading

While the core text covers most of the topics in this module some topics are better covered by the following additional reading, some of which are e-books with ASIN numbers.

1. Monczka, R.; Handfield, R., Giunipero, L.; Patterson, J.(2016), Purchasing and supply chain management. , 6E., Cengage Learning. ISBN 978-1-285-86968-1.

2. Christopher (2016) Logistics and supply chain management, Kindle Ed., FT Publishing International; 5 ed., ASIN: B01DDSJ52O.

3. Krajewski et al. (2015) Operations management: processes and supply chains, global Ed., Kindle Ed., Pearson; 11 edition, ASIN: B0119ZCNK4.

Note: Students are encouraged to do wider reading. For every week there will be recommended additional reading. In addition, there are many other books and articles related to operations and supply chain management in the library some of which provide interesting case studies others contain compilation of best articles from journals such as Harvard Business Review. 

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