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Module Reading List

Environmental Policy and Governance, 2018/19, Semester 1
Dr James Van Alstine
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue


Bulkeley, H. and Newell, P. (2010) Governing climate change ISBN: 9780415467698 (pbk.); 9780415467681 (hbk.); 0415467683 (hbk.); 0415467691 (pbk.); 9780203858295 (ebk.). Routledge: Abingdon.

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Lecture 1: Introduction & Why regulate? The origins of the environment as a policy issue  

Carter, N. (2007) The Politics of the Environment, Cambridge University Press. (Chapter 7, 173-181)  

Fiorino, D. J. (2006) The new environmental regulation ISBN: 9780262562188 (pbk. : alk. paper); 9780262062565 (alk. paper); 0262062569 (alk. paper); 0262562189 (pbk. : alk. paper), MIT Press, London. (Chapter 1)  

Lecture 2: Intro to environmental governance

Jordan, A., Wurzel, R. K. W. and Zito, A. (2005). 'The Rise of ‘New’ Policy Instruments in Comparative Perspective: Has Governance Eclipsed Government?' Political studies. ISSN: 0032-3217; 1467-9248, 53: 477-496.  

Lemos, C. and Agrawal, A. (2006) ‘Environmental Governance’, Annual review of environment and resources. ISSN: 1543-5938, 31: 297-325.  

Lecture 3: Policy instruments 1: Environmental regulations

 Carter, N. (2007) The Politics of the Environment, Cambridge University Press. (Chapter 12, 323-329)  

Harrington, W., and R. D. Morgenstern (2004). Economic incentives versus command and control: What's the best approach for solving environmental problems? Resources ISSN: 0048-7376, Fall/Winter 13-17.  

Lecture 4: Policy instruments 2: Economic instruments

Carter, N. (2007) The Politics of the Environment, Cambridge University Press. (Chapter 12, 332-341)  

Goulder, L. H., and I. W. H. Parry (2008). Instrument Choice in Environmental Policy. RFF Discussion Paper RFF DP 08-07.  

Lecture 5: Brexit and environmental policy

Readings: to be determined

Lecture 6: Policy instruments 3: Information based instruments

Hess, D. (2007) ‘Social Reporting and New Governance Regulation: The Prospects of Achieving Corporate Accountability Through Transparency’, Business ethics quarterly ISSN: 1052-150X, 17(3): 453-476.  

Stephan, M. (2002). ‘Environmental information disclosure programs: They work, but why?’, Social science quarterly. ISSN: 0038-4941, 83 (1): 190-205.  

Lecture 7: Environmental governance in developing countries: is transparency the answer?

Blackman, A., Afsah, S. and Ratunanda, D. (2004). 'How Do Public Disclosure Pollution Control Programs Work? Evidence from Indonesia', Human Ecology Review, 11 (3): 235-246.   Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva 

Van Alstine J (2014) Transparency in resource governance: the pitfalls and potential of "new oil" in Sub-Saharan Africa, Global environmental politics ISSN: 1526-3800, 14, pp.20-39.  

Van Alstine J. (2017) Critical reflections on 15 years of the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI). Extractive industries and society ISSN: 2214-790X. 4(4), pp. 766-770.  

Lecture 8: Policy instruments 4: Negotiated agreements and voluntary regulation

Blackman, A. and Sisto, N. (2005). Muddling through While Environmental Regulatory Capacity Evolves: What Role for Voluntary Agreements?, RFF Discussion Paper 05-16, Resources for the Future, Washigton, D.C. [Available at: 

Karamanos, P. (2001). 'Voluntary Environmental Agreements: Evolution and Definition of a New Environmental Policy Approach', Journal of environmental planning and management. ISSN: 0964-0568, 44 (1): 67-84.  

 Complementary readings:

Delmas, M. and Terlaak, A. (2002) Regulatory Commitment to Negotiated Agreements: Evidence from the United States, Germany, The Netherlands and France, Journal of comparative policy analysis. ISSN: 1387-6988: Research and Practice, 4, pp5-29.

Jordan, Wurzel, and Zito (2003) ‘New Instruments of Environmental Governance: Patterns and Pathways of Change’, Environmental politics. ISSN: 0964-4016, 12(1): 1-24.

Lecture 9: Ethics and climate justice

Readings: to be determined

Lecture 10: Multi-scale governance in the Anthropocene

Cash, D. W., W. N. Adger, F. Berkes, P. Garden, L. Lebel, P. Olsson, L. Pritchard, and O. Young. 2006. ‘Scale and cross-scale dynamics: governance and information in a multilevel world.’ Ecology and society [electronic resource]. ISSN: 1708-3087 11(2):8.  

Termeer et al (2010) ‘Disentangling Scale Approaches in Governance Research: Comparing Monocentric, Multilevel, and Adaptive Governance’, Ecology and society [electronic resource]. ISSN: 1708-3087, 15(4): 29.  

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