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Module Reading List

Foundation Engineering Fundamentals, 2018/19, Semester 2
Professor Barry Clarke
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Core books:

One of these two:

- Muni Budhu "Soil mechanics and foundations", Third Edition, John Wiley & sons, NY, NY, 2011.

- Muni Budhu "Foundations and earth structures", John Wiley & Sons, NY, 2008.


- ICE Manual of Geotechnical Engineering. Available online from the University of Leeds network


Additional books:

- Powrie, W. (2004) Soil mechanics: concepts and applications (2nd edition), Taylor & Francis, 704pp.

- M. J. Tomlinson &, R. Boorman, Foundation design and construction, Longman Group United Kingdom; 7th edition (March, 2001)

- Bengt. H. Fellenius. Basics of foundation design. (especially for pile design and pile test interpretation). Downloadable from:

Journal papers:

- Randolph, M.F. (2003) Science and empiricism in pile foundation design. Géotechnique., 53 (10), pp. 847-875.

- Poulos, H.G. (1989). Pile behaviour - theory and application. Géotechnique., 39 (3), pp. 365-415.

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