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Biogeochemical Cycles Reading List (for SOEE3110, SOEE5232M and GEOG3877)

Earth System Science: Biogeochemical Cycles, 2018/19, Semester 1
Dr Caroline Peacock
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Please note, further reading will be added for as term progresses.

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Earth System Science and The Gaia Hypothesis

Lenton, T. M. and Wilkinson, D. M., 2003. Developing the Gaia theory - A response to the criticisms of Kirchner and Volk. Climatic Change. 58, 1-12.

Kirchner, J. W., 2002. The Gaia hypothesis: Fact, theory, and wishful thinking. Climatic Change. 52, 391-408.

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Biogeochemical Modelling

You are assigned to find a modelling study from the literature. See lecture slides for further information.

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Water Cycle

Jones, J. A. A., 2010, Water sustainability : a global perspective, Hodder Education, London, Chapter 10    

Sitch, S., Drake, F., 2014, The changing water cycle, in Holden, J. (Ed), Water resources : an integrated approach, Routledge, London, 19-48

Jones, J. A. A., 2010, Water sustainability : a global perspective, Hodder Education, London, Chapter 11

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Carbon Cycle - Terrestrial

Ahlstrom, A., Schurgers, G., Arneth, A., Smith, B., 2012, Robustness and uncertainty in terrestrial ecosystem carbon response to CMIP5 climate change projections. Environmental research letters 7, 1-9. ns_and_data/ar4/wg1/en/ch7.html (PDF available on VLE)

Phillips O. L., et al., 1998, Changes in the Carbon balance of tropical forests: evidence from long-term plots. Science. 282, 439-442.

Graven, H. D., R. F. Keeling, S. C. Piper, P. K. Patra, B. B. Stephens, S. C. Wofsy, L. R. Welp et al. "Enhanced seasonal exchange of CO2 by northern ecosystems since 1960." Science341, no. 6150 (2013): 1085-1089.

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Carbon Cycle - Marine

Takahashi et al., 2009, Climatological mean and decadal change in surface ocean pCO2, and net sea–air CO2 flux over the global oceans, Deep sea research. Part II, Topical studies in oceanography., 56, 554-577.

Chester R., Jickells T., 2012, Marine Geochemistry, Chichister, Wiley-Blackwell. Chapter 8 is a good introduction to air-sea gas exchange, and chapter 9 summarises the internal oceanic C cycle, including the chemistry of dissolved CO2.

Gattuso J. P., Hansson L., 2011, Ocean acidification: Background and History, in Ocean acidification (Gattuso J. P., Hansson L., eds), Oxford, UK, Oxford University Press. Introductory chapter to a book which contains the most up to date collection of ocean acidification research so far. (available on VLE)

Caldeira K., 2005, Ocean model predictions of chemistry changes from carbon dioxide emissions to the atmosphere and ocean. Journal of geophysical research. 110 C09S04 - Available online:

Hall-Spencer, J. M., et al., 2008, Volcanic carbon dioxide vents show ecosystem effects of ocean acidification. Nature.. 454, 96-99.

Herzog H., Caldeira K., Adams E., 2001, Carbon sequestration by direct injection. Resources, Academic Press. (available on VLE)

Tagliabue A., Bopp L., Gehlen M., 2011, The response of marine carbon and nutrient cycles to ocean acidification: large uncertainties related to phytoplankton physiological assumptions, Global biogeochemical cycles. 25, GB3017.

Woulds, C., Bouillon, S., Cowie, G., Drake, E., Middelburg, J. J., and Witte, U.: Patterns of carbon processing at the seafloor: the role of faunal and microbial communities in moderating carbon flows, Biogeosciences. ISSN: 1726-4170, 13, 1-15, 2016.

Burdige, D. J.: Preservation of organic matter in marine sediments: Controls, mechanisms, and an imbalance in sediment organic carbon budgets?, Chemical Reviews. ISSN: 0009-2665, 107, 467-485, 2007.

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Cowie, G. L., Hedges, J. I., Prahl, F. G., and De Lange, G. J.: Elemental and major biochemical changes across an oxidation front in a relict turbidite: An oxygen effect, Geochemica et Cosmochemica Acta, 59, 33-46, 1995.


Keil, R. G. and Cowie, G. L.: Organic matter preservation through the oxygen deficient zone of the NE Arabian Sea as discerned by organic crabon:mineral surface area ratios, Marine geology. ISSN: 0025-3227, 161, 13-22, 1999.

Mayer, L. M.: Surface area control of organic carbon accumulation in continental shelf sediments, Geochemica et Cosmochemica Acta, 58, 1271-1284, 1994.

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Woulds, C., Cowie, G. L., Levin, L. A., Andersson, J. H., Middelburg, J. J., Vandewiele, S., Lamont, P. A., Larkin, K. E., Gooday, A. J., Schumacher, S., Whitcraft, C., Jeffreys, R. M., and Schwartz, M. C.: Oxygen as a control on seafloor biological communities and their roles in sedimentary carbon cycling, Limnology and oceanography. ISSN: 0024-3590; 1939-5590, 52, 1698-1709, 2007.

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Nitrogen Cycle

Naqvi, S. W. A., Voss, M., Montoya, J. P., 2008, Recent advances in the biogeochemistry of nitrogen in the ocean, Biogeosciences. 5, 1033-1041

Smil V. (1997) Global Population and the Nitrogen Cycle, Scientific American., July 1997, 76-81.

Gruber N. and J. L. Sarmiento (1997) Global Patterns of marine nitrogen fixation and denitrification, Global biogeochemical cycles..

Mylona P., K. Pawlowski, and T. Bisseling (1995) Symbiotic Nitrogen Fixation, The plant cell. 7, 869-885.

Galloway J. et al. (2008) Transformations of the Nitrogen Cycle: Recent Trends, Questions and potential solutions, Science. 320, 889-892.

Deutsch, C., Sarmiento, J. L., Sigman, D. M., Gruber, N., Dunne, J. P., 2007, Satial coupling of nitrogen inputs and losses in the ocean. Nature. 445, 163-167.

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Phosphorous Cycle

Rydin, E., Kumblad, L., Wulff, F., and Larsson, P.: Remediation of a Eutrophic Bay in the Baltic Sea, Environmental science and technology. ISSN: 0013-936X, 51, 4559-4566, 2017.

Ollikainen, M., Zandersen, M., Bendtsen, J., Lehtoranta, J., Saarijarvi, E., and Pitkanen, H.: Any payoff to ecological engineering? Cost-benefit analysis of pumping oxygen-rich water to control benthic release of phosphorus in the Baltic Sea, Water Resources and Economics ISSN: 2212-4284, 16, 28-38, 2016.

Filipelli 2008, The global Phosphorus Cycle, Past, Present and Future, Elements : An International Magazine of Mineralogy, Geochemistry and Petrology, vol. 4, p. 89–95

Paytan & Laughlin 2007, The Oceanic Phosphorus Cycle, Chemical Reviews.., 107, 563-576

Viktorsson et al., 2013, Phosphorous recycling in sediments of the central Baltic Sea, Biogeosciences. 10, 3901-3916

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