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Module Reading List

Applied Genetics, 2019/20, Semester 1
Dr Andrew Cuming
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Recommended reading

The text " Principles of Gene Manipulation " by R.W. Old and S.B. Primrose, remains the standard text covering genetic manipulation procedures.

However, you should note that in the final year we address the "cutting edge" of the subject, and much of the science covered will be too recent to have found its way into even the newest text-books. Each lecturer will therefore provide an appropriate reading list of scientific papers and reviews published in scientific journals available in the University Library and accessible online. These additional references will be provided in each lecturer's VLE folder, together with their other support material. As final year students in science, one of the skills we expect and encourage you to acquire in the course of the year is the ability to search the current literature and critically appraise research data. The assessed essay and debate sessions within this module will help you to develop these skills.


Additional recommended text specific to lecture 1:

R.W. Allard (1999) Principles of Plant Breeding (John Wiley).

Additional text recommended for lectures 1-10:

A. Slater, N. Scott & M. Fowler (2002) " Plant Biotechnology: The genetic manipulation of higher plants " (Oxford University Press).


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