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Graham Rawson Reading List

Primary Sources for the Historian: An Introduction to Documentary study, 2019/20, Semester 2
Professor Stephen Alford
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue


Required reading, of both primary and secondary material, will be highlighted in the VLE ahead of each week's seminar.

Primary Sources

All primary material is available online

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The core text

PP 1831-32 (706) Report from the committee on the 'bill to regulate the labour of children in the mills and factories of the United Kingdom' with the minutes of evidence, appendix and index (The Sadler Committee) . Available online: url_ver=Z39.88-2004&res_dat=xri:hcpp&rft_dat=xri:hcpp:rec:1831-013421

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Key supplementary parliamentary text with minutes of evidence

PP 1833 (450) Factories Inquiry Commission. First report of the Central Board of His Majesty's Commissioners. Available online: id=1833-014207&DurUrl=Yes


PP 1834 (167) Factories Inquiry Commission. Supplementary report of the Central Board. Available online: url_ver=Z39.88-2004&res_dat=xri:hcpp&rft_dat=xri:hcpp:rec:1834-014972

Journalistic sources

The 'Slavery in Yorkshire' letters and editorials, including:

The Leeds Mercury. 16 October, 23 October, 30 October, and 6 November 1830

The Leeds Intelligencer. 24 March 1831

Magazine articles:

'A Day at a Leeds Woollen-Factory' , The Penny Magazine of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge., Volume 12, 1843, supplement, 457-464 (London: Charles Knight, Nov. 1843)

'A Day at a Leeds Flax-Mill', The Penny Magazine of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge. …, Volume 12, 1843, supplement, 501-508 (London: Charles Knight, Dec. 1843)

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Other publications, including contemporary commentary

Brown, J., A Memoir of Robert Blincoe, an Orphan Boy (Manchester: Doherty, 1832)

Fielden, J., The Curse of The Factory System (London: Cobbett, 1836)

Gaskell, P., Artisans and machinery [electronic resource] : the moral and physical condition of the manufacturing population considered with reference to mechanical substitutes for human labour... (London: John W. Parker, 1836)

Greg, R. H., The factory question [electronic resource] : considered in relation to its effects on the health and morals of those employed in factories, and the "ten hours bill," in relation to its effects upon the manufactures of England, and those of foreign countries. (London: Ridgway and Sons, 1837)

Thackrah, C.T., The Effects of Arts, Trades, and Professions, and of Civic States and Habits of Living, on Health and Longevity... Second Edition (Leeds: Baines and Newsome, 1832)

Ure, A., The Philosophy of Manufactures: or, an Exposition of the Scientific, Moral, and Commercial Economy of the Factory System (London: Charles Knight, 1835)

Additional primary sources, or links to digital copies online, will be uploaded to the VLE

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Secondary Reading

Alfred (pseudonym of S. Kydd), The history of the factory movement from the year 1802, to the enactment of the Ten Hours' Bill in 1847 (London: Simpkin, Marshall, and Co., 1857)

Altick, R.D., The English Common Reader: A Social History of the Mass Reading Public 1800-1900 (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1957)

Anning, S.T., The History of Medicine in Leeds (Leeds: Maney, 1980)

Belchem, J., Industrialization and the Working Class: the English Experience, 1750-1900 (Aldershot: Scolar Press, 1991)

Bennett, S., 'The Editorial Character and Readership of "The Penny Magazine": An Analysis' Victorian Periodicals Review, 17:4 (1984), 127-141

Beresford, M.W., East End, West End : the face of Leeds during urbanisation, 1684-1842 (Leeds: Thoresby Society, 1988)

Brundage, A., The English Poor Laws, 1700-1930 (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2001)

Burnett, J., Destiny Obscure: Autobiographies of Childhood, Education and Family from the 1820s to the 1920s (London: Allen Lane, 1982)

Burnett, J., Useful Toil : autobiographies of working people from the 1820s to the 1920s (London: Allen Lane, 1974)

Clark, A., The Struggle for the Breeches: Gender and the Making of the British Working Class (Berkeley; London: University of California Press, 1995)

Collet, C.E., 'Women's Work in Leeds', Economic journal. ISSN: 0013-0133, 1:3 (1891), 460-73

Cordery, S., British Friendly Societies, 1750-1914 (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan 2003)

Creighton, C., 'Richard Oastler, Factory Legislation and the Working-Class Family' Journal of Historical Sociology. 5:3 (1992), 292-320

Cunningham, H., 'The Employment and Unemployment of Children in England, c. 1680-1851' Past & Present., 126 (1990), 115-50

Davin, A., 'Child Labour, the Working-Class Family, and Domestic Ideology in Nineteenth-Century Britain' Development and Change., 13:4 (1982), 633-652

Driver, C.H., Tory Radical : the life of Richard Oastler (Oxford: Oxford UP, 1946)

Driver, F., 'Tory Radicalism? Ideology, Strategy and Locality in Popular Politics During the Eighteen-Thirties' Northern history. 27:1 (1991) 120-138

Engels, F., The Condition of the Working Class in England (1845) 2009 edition (London: Penguin, 2009)

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Fraser, D. (ed.), A History of Modern Leeds (Manchester: Manchester UP, 1980)

Goose, N., and Honeyman, K. (eds.), Childhood and child labour in industrial England : diversity and agency, 1750-1914 (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2013)

Gray, R., The factory question and industrial England, 1830-1860 (Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1996)

Gray, V., Charles Knight : educator, publisher, writer (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2006)

Gregory, D., Regional transformation and industrial revolution : a geography of the Yorkshire woollen industry ISBN: 0333310861 (pbk ; cased) : unpriced; 0333310853 (Basingstoke: Macmillan, 1982)

Hammond, J.L., and Hammond, B., The Town Labourer (London: Longmans Green, 1919)

Hargreaves, J.A., and Haigh, E.A.H (eds.) Slavery in Yorkshire : Richard Oastler and the campaign against child labour in the Industrial Revolution (Huddersfield: Huddersfield UP, 2012)

Hilton, B., A mad, bad, and dangerous people? : England 1783-1846 (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 2006)

Himes, N.E., 'The Birth Control Handbills of 1823', Lancet., 6 Aug 1927, 313-316

Honeyman, K., Women, gender and industrialization in England, 1700-1870 (Basingstoke: Macmillan, 2000)

Hopkins, E., Working-class self-help in nineteenth century England : responses to industrialization ISBN: 1857282426; 1857282434 (pbk) (London: UCL Press, 1995)

Horrell, S., and Humphries, J., '”The Exploitation of little Children”: Child Labor and the Family Economy in the Industrial Revolution' Explorations in economic history., 32:4 (1995), 485-516

Horrell, S., and Humphries, J., 'Old Questions, New Data, and Alternative Perspectives: Families' Living Standards in the Industrial Revolution', The journal of economic history. ISSN: 0022-0507, 52:4 (1992), 849-80

Horrell, S., and Humphries, J., 'Women's Labour Force Participation and the Transition to the Male Breadwinner Family, 1790-1865, The economic history review., 48:1 (1995), 89-117

Hudson, P., The Industrial Revolution (London: Hodder Arnold, 1992)

Humphries, J., Childhood and child labour in the British Industrial Revolution (Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 2010)

Humphries, J., 'The lure of aggregates and the pitfalls of the patriarchal perspective: a critique of the high wage economy interpretation of the British industrial revolution', The economic history review. ISSN: 0013-0117, 66:3 (2013), 693-714

King, S., Poverty and welfare in England, 1700-1850 : a regional perspective ISBN: 0719049393; 0719049407 (pbk.) : £15.99 (Manchester: Manchester University Press, 2000)

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For historical method see

Brewer, J., 'Microhistories and the Histories of Everyday Life', Cultural and social history. ISSN: 1478-0038; 1478-0046, 7:1 (2010), 87-109

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