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Module Reading List

Welfare Economics and Cost-Benefit Analysis, 2019/20, Semester 1
Dr Thijs Dekker
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

The basic text for this module will be:

P O Johansson: An Introduction to Modern Welfare Economics (Cambridge University Press, 1991)

At a more advanced level, two useful texts are:

Y K Ng: Welfare Economics – Introduction and Development of Basic Concepts (Macmillan, 1979)

R W Boadway and Neil Bruce: Welfare Economics (Basil Blackwell, 1984)

If you look at Johansson and find it difficult, I recommend that you either work though an easier text e.g

P Bohm: Social Efficiency – a concise introduction to welfare economics (MacMillan, 2nd edition)

Or look at the welfare economics section of an intermediate micro economics text e.g.

H.R Varian: Intermediate Microeconomics (Norton 2nd edition) Ch 29-31

Anyone not familiar with intermediate microeconomics could also usefully work through the entire text, especially the sections on consumer theory and the theory of the firm.

Additional references dealing with specific areas of interest will be provided as the module progresses. 

This list was last updated on 01/10/2019