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Module Reading List

Employment Law, 2019/20, Semester 1, 2
Liz Oliver
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Essential Purchases

Kidner R (Ed) Blackstone's statutes on employment law 2019-2020  29/e Oxford University Press 2019
You will need to buy a copy of the 2019-20 statute book. This is because you will be permitted to take it into the exam with you. Please note that there are strict rules on writing in your statute book (these will be covered in your workshop on statutes and on exam guidance). For this reason please do not write in your statute book. 

Emir A Selwyn's law of employment 20/e Oxford University Press 2018

Selwyn's law of employment is an authoritative and comprehensive reference text covering all of the course topics. The audience for this text is students and practitioners so it works well for am MA module. Students should refer to the publisher's online resource centre for updates that become available throughout the year. Selwyn's law of employment can be a challenging text and should be read in conjunction with the lecture handouts.

Students who struggle with this text to begin with are advised to refer to the brief / revision texts recommended below along-side their reading of the core text. These user-friendly, brief guides do not go into sufficient depth to support a full analysis of your class and coursework questions but they do provide a useful overview of the legal framework and can help to prevent students new to law from feeling 'lost' in the detail.

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Supplementary reading

The more contextualised texts are particularly important for semester 2. 

Cabrelli, D Employment law in context: Text and Materials Oxford University Press 2018

A comprehensive and critical text offering a range of insights on the major topics of employment law. A good source of further references, so a useful starting point for your own research. 

Collins H, Ewing K D and McColgan A Labour Law Cambridge University Press 2012  

A critical text with a thorough and authoritative discussion of employment law in context and an excellent source of further references. You will find it a very valuable resource in the preparation of your coursework so it is recommended that you purchase a copy of this book.

Willey B Employment law in context : an introduction for HR professionals 4/e Pearson 2012 

'Employment law in context' is recommended as supplementary reading particularly for business or social science students (not just those studying HR) who want to locate their technical knowledge within a broader social and economic context. It is very well written and structured with some interesting 'real life' case studies and thought provoking questions with notes on the answers.

Deakin S F and Morris G S Labour law. 6/e Hart 2012

'Labour law' by Deakin and Morris is recommended for those students who have a strong grasp of the subject matter and are keen to understand more about the theoretical and historical development of employment law. It is a fascinating and detailed text that goes beyond the basic requirements of this module (in fact it is frequently cited as an authoritative source of commentary on employment law in cases).

Lewis D Sargeant M and Schwab M Employment law : the essentials. 14/e CIPD 2017  

'Employment law the essentials' is a user-friendly if at times superficial text. Students who struggle to comprehend 'Selwyn's Law of Employment' might consider looking at this first. The content of this text alone however isn't sufficiently rigorous to support your coursework preparation.

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Martin and Law (Eds) A dictionary of law 7/e Oxford University Press 2009

Lots of terms that will be used throughout this module have a specific legal meaning (for example the term 'employee' has a specific legal definition). A legal dictionary is a useful reference point to identify these specific meanings and might be particularly useful for international students. Legal dictionaries are not permitted in the exam.  

There is an online only version of this dictionary that was updated in 2013 this is accessible via the library.

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Cases and materials

Industrial relations law reports. (IRLR): Law Section, Brotherton Library (reference only) IRLR is available electronically through Lexis Library

You will be expected to look up, read and appropriately cite cases (there will be a workshop on cases).

Electronic sources via University Library: The main databases for law reports are Lexis Library and Westlaw UK.

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Other reading: brief/revision texts

Jefferson M Employment law 5/e Oxford University Press 2016

Benny R Jefferson M and Sargent M Employment law, 2012 and 2013 5/e Oxford University Press 2012. There is a new edition of this book Benny R Jefferson M and Sargent M Questions and answers employment law 2014-15 law revision and study guide 6/e Oxford University Press 2014

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Other reading: other areas of law

MacIntyre E Business law  9/e Pearson 2018 

Elliott and Quinn English legal system  18/e Pearson 2017  

Elliott C and Quinn F Contract law. 11/e Longman 2017  

Cooke J The law of tort 13/e Pearson 2017  

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Online Course Readings

Finch, Emily, (2009) Chapter 14: 'Answering problem questions'. FROM: Finch, Emily, Legal skills. pp.331-353. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Available as an Online Course Reading in the VLE   

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