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Module Reading List

Economics of Business and Corporate Strategy, 2019/20, Semester 1, 2
Michael Reynolds
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Main Textbooks:

Besanko (2014),Economics of Business and Corporate Strategy (Wiley Custom), The Wiley custom textbook is based on the 5th edition.  Several topics are no longer treated adequately in the 6th edition, a custom text was a way to prolong the life of this version when it was no longer available via Wiley’s general list. 

D. Besanko, D. Dranove, M. Shanley and S. Schaefer (2010) Economics of strategy , John Wiley & Sons, 5th Edition.

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Supplementary Books:

N. Foss (ed) (1997) Resources, firms, and strategies : a reader in the resource-based perspective , Oxford University Press

J. Kay (1993) Foundations of corporate success : how business strategies add value , Oxford University Press, 1993

C.W.L. Hill and G.R. Jones (2001) Strategic management : an integrated approach , Houghton Mifflin, 5th Edition [also 4th Edition 1988]

M. Porter (1980) Competitive strategy : techniques for analyzing industries and competitors , Free Press

F.M. Scherer and D.R. Ross (1990) Industrial market structure and economic performance , Houghton Mifflin, 3rd Edition

S. Segal-Horn (ed) (1998) The strategy reader , The Open University-Blackwell

J. Sutton (1991) Sunk costs and market structure : price competition, advertising, and the evolution of concentration , The MIT Press

J. Tirole (1988) The theory of industrial organization , The MIT Press

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American economic review ; The Bell Journal of Economics (and The Rand journal of economics ); Econometrica ; Harvard business review ; The journal of industrial economics ; Journal of management ; Management Science ; Strategic management journal .

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