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Module Reading List

Introduction to Surface and Air Transport, 2019/20, Semester 1
Bryan Matthews
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

There is no text book for this course and no core text is recommended for purchase. Individual lecturers will specify reading on different topics. This list contains some sources of information which gives a broad overview of the course and may be useful for background reading, as well as for more specific topics. Further references and specific reading for each topic will be given in each lecture and/or the VLE.


Button, KJ and Stough, R (2000) Air transport networks : theory and policy implications

This book provides an economic analysis of the way in which the air transport industry operates and the nature of the policies that have been adopted to regulate the sector. It covers domestic and international aviation, airlines, airports and air-traffic control.

Hanlon, JP (2007) Global Airlines: Competition in a transnational industry , Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann

This book focuses particularly on the international aspects of the airline business.

Doganis, R (2005) The airline business  , Routledge

This book provides a lot of information on many different aspects of the airline industry such as airline policy, low cost carriers, trends etc.

Powell, T. (2001) The transport system : markets, modes and policies , PTRC

This book examines the workings of a range of transport modes. The Chapter devoted to aviation is particularly useful as an introductory guide.

Docherty I. and Shaw J. (eds) (2003) A New deal for transport? : the UK's struggle with the sustainable transport agenda RSG-IBG Series, Blackwell Publishing

This book is particularly concerned with transport policy and delivery since 1997 when the Labour Government came to power. It is helpful in covering the main modes of transport in separate chapters. It is the most up to date text on institutions.

Key Government Policy Documents:

UK based:

Department for Transport (2004) The future of transport : a network for 2030 . Cm 6234

The most recent transport White paper, which sets out the current transport policy and discusses how this links surface and air transport.

Department for Transport (2003) The future of air transport . Cm 6046

This is the long-awaited White Paper on airport expansion and changes to regulatory practices.

For these and other policy documents go to the DfT website homepage and click on transport strategy and then transport policy.

European and global:

Air Transport Portal of the European Commission:

This provides a window into all of the different ways in which the European Commission takes an interest in the air transport sector: for example, policy initiatives, legislation and statistics.

International Air Transport Association (IATA):

This is the website of the International Air Transport Association, the principal grouping of airlines throughout the world, and a premier campaigner on behalf of the industry.

Statistical sources:

The Department for Transport website has a large number of publications that contain data on what is happening in the transport sector. Transport Statistics GB is the most comprehensive of these:

However, you can find more specialist sources on the website: then click on transport statistics.

Other useful sources include plans for individual airports. These can be found on the individual airport websites. A few examples are:

Leeds Bradford International Airport Master Plan:

Heathrow Surface Access Strategy:

Manchester Airport Master Plan:

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