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Module Reading List

Management Decision Making, 2019/20, Semester 2
Nicola Bown
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Please also see the folder in the Learning Resources tab, where there are some supplementary readings for each topic.

Key Books

Bazerman, M. & Moore, D (2013) Judgment in managerial decision making . 8th Edition; Wiley OR
Bazerman, M. & Moore, D (2009) Judgment in managerial decision making . 7th Edition; Wiley
Goodwin, P. & Wright, G (2009) Decision analysis for management judgment . 4rd edition. Wiley.
French, S., Maule, A. J. & Papamichail N (2009) Decision behaviour, analysis and support . Cambridge University Press.

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Descriptive Research

Newell, B. R. Lagnado D. A and. Shanks D. R (2007). Straight choices : the psychology of decision making .Hove, Psychology Press
Hardman, D. (2009) Judgment and decision making : psychological perspectives . BPS Blackwell.
Baron, J (2001) Thinking and deciding . 3rd Edition. New York: Cambridge University Press.
Galottii, K (2002) Making decisions that matter : how people face important life choices . Erlbaum.
Russo, J & Schoemaker (2002) Winning decisions : how to make the right decision the first time . Doubleday.
Connolly, T., Arkes, H. R., & Hammond, K. R. (2000) (Eds) Judgment and decision making : an interdisciplinary reader Cambridge University Press: New York
Goldstein W M & Hogarth R M (1997) Research on judgment and decision making : currents, connections, and controversies Cambridge University Press
Klein G, Orasanu, J, Calderwood, R & Zsambok, C (1993) Decision making in action : models and methods , Ablex.
Gilboa, I. (2011) Making better decisions : decision theory in practice , Wiley-Blackwell.Prescriptive Research
R. L. Keeney (1992). Value-focused thinking : a path to creative decisionmaking . Edn., Harvard University Press.
Kleindorfer P. R., Kunreuther H. C. & Schoemaker P J H (1993) Decision sciences : an integrative perspective . Cambridge University Press.
Further reading, specific to individual topics is set out in the notes, which will be distributed during the module itself.

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