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Module Reading List

Experimental Design and Analysis, 2019/20, Semester 1
Dr Leslie Firbank
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

The main text that I will be working from is Andy Field (2018) Discovering statistics using IBM SPSS statistics  5th Edition, Sage. Older editions will still be fine, but some sections will be out of date in terms of which menus to use.

There are lots of other textbooks around, that differ in detail and style of writing. Please look at a few before you buy. Check out the followig

Cronk, B.C. (2018). How to use SPSS : a step-by-step guide to analysis and interpretation ISBN: 9781138308534 (pbk.); 9781138308541 (hardback); 9781315142999 (ebook), 10th Edition. Routledge. A rather terse volume, tells you what to do rather than why.A new edition is out soon.

Ennos, R. & Johnson, M. (2018) Statistical and data handling skills in biology. 4th Edition. Prentice Hall. Short and to the point.

Ven Emden, H. (2008). Statistics for terrified biologists. Blackwell. Good, approachable, and covers experimental design

Dytham, C. (2011). Choosing and using statistics: a biologist's guide. 3rd Edition. Wiley-Blackwell. A tried and tested book that covers the course well.

Holmes, S & Huber, W. (2019) Modern statistics for modern biology. Cambridge. More advanced than this course, coves analysis of big data using R. IF you are going into bioinformatics etc, do check this book out.

Huff, D. (1991) How to lie with statistics, Penguin, also Salsburg, D.S. (2017). Errors, blunders, and lies : how to tell the difference ISBN: 9781315342672 (electronic bk.); 1315342677 (electronic bk.); 9781138726987 (hardback); 1138726982 (hardback); 9781498795784 (paperback); 1498795781 (paperback); 1498795862; 9781498795869; 1315323680. CRC press.     

The Huff book is easier and more fun, and addresses abuse of graphs etc, but is getting on a bit. Salsburg is a good read to help explain aspects of the use of statistical methods.

There's then books that put stats into a scientific context

Mead, R., Curnow, R.N. & Hasted, A.M. (2002). Statistical methods in agriculture and experimental biology. 3rd edition. Chapman and Hall. A classic, old school, presentation of agricultural-style experimental design.

Field, A. & Hole, G. (2003). How to design and report experiments Sage.

Barnard, C., Golbert, F. & McGregor, P. (2011). Asking questions in biology. 4th edition. Pearson.

Finally, see also the role of statistics and big data in our changing lives, for example

Zuboff S. (2019) The Age of Surveillance Capitalism. Profile books. Scary, hard going, but essential reading to understand how data are transforming our lives and societies.

This list was last updated on 18/09/2019