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Module Reading List

Protest and Social Movements, 2019/20, Semester 1
Dr Maria Rovisco
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue


TUTORIAL 1: Smelser and Blumer


Blumer, H. 'Collective Behaviour', in Lee, A M (Ed) Principles of sociology ISBN: 0389001155 (Brotherton Library Soc A-1) High Demand collection.

Text online here:;view=1up;seq=210



 Crossley, N. (2002) Making sense of social movements ISBN: 0335206026 (pbk) : No price; 0335206034 chap. 3.


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TUTORIAL 2: Resource Mobilization Theory (RMT) and Political Process Theory (PPT)

McCarthy, John D.; Zald, Mayer N. (1977), ‘Resource Mobilization and Social Movements: A Partial Theory’, American Journal of Sociology, 01 May 1977, Vol.82(6), pp.1212-1241.

McAdam, D., McCarthy, J.D. and Zald, M.N. (1996) (eds) Comparative Perspectives on Social Movements - Political Opportunities, Mobilizing Structures, and Cultural Framings. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.


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TUTORIAL 3: The Peace Movement

Byrne, P. (1997) Social Movements in Britain, chap. 6 (CND and the peace movement).

Kitschelt, H. (1985) 'Political Opportunity Structures and Political Protest: anti-nuclear movements in four democracies', British Journal of Political Science 16 (1): 57-85.


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TUTORIAL 4: Habermas and New Social Movements

 Crossley, N. (2002) Making Sense of Social Movements. Buckingham: Open University Press (chapter 8)

Edwards, G. (2004) ‘Habermas and social movements: what’s new?’, in Crossley, N. and Roberts, J.M. (eds) After Habermas: New Perspectives on the Public Sphere. Also available as Edwards, G. (2004) ‘Habermas and social movements: what’s new?The Sociological Review, June 2004, Vol.52: 113-130.


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TUTORIAL 5: The American Civil Rights Movement

 McAdam, D. (1983) ‘Tactical Innovation and the Pace of InsurgencyAmerican Sociological Review, 48(6).

Morris, A. D. (1981) ‘Black Southern Student Sit-in Movement: an analysis of internal organizationAmerican Sociological Review 46 (6): 744-767.


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TUTORIAL 6: The Women’s Movement and Contemporary Feminism

 Freeman, J. ‘The Origins of the Women’s Liberation Movement’, in American Journal of Sociology, 1973. Re-printed in Goodwin, J. and Jasper James M. (eds) The Social Movements Reader: Cases and Concepts.

Nash, K. 2002 ‘A movement moves… Is there a Women’s Movement in England Today?, The European Journal of Women’s Studies Vol 9, No. 3, 311-28.


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TUTORIAL 7: Understanding Disability Activism and Social Movements

Beckett, A. (2006) Understanding Social Movements: Theorising the Disability Movement in Conditions of Late Modernity. The Sociological Review, 54(4), 734-752.

Beckett, A. and Campbell, T. (2015) “The Social Model of Disability as an Oppositional Device.” Disability & Society, 30(2), 270-283.


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TUTORIAL 8: Environmental Activism

Cotgrove, S. and Duff, A. (1980) 'Environmentalism, middle class radicalism and politics', The Sociological Review (reprinted in Goodwin, J. and Jasper James M. (eds) The Social Movements Reader: cases and concepts.)  

Diani, M. (1990) ‘The network structure of the Italian ecology movementSocial Science Information 29 (1): 5-31.

Shaiko, R. G. (1993) ‘Greenpeace USA: something old, new, borrowed...The Annals of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, Vol. 528, Citizens, Protest, and Democracy, pp. 88-100.

Farrel at all. (2019) This is Not a Drill: an Extinction Rebellion Handbook London: Penguin Books.


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TUTORIAL 9: Urban Riots

Waddington, D. Contemporary Issues in Public Disorder, chap. 4. (soc H-3) High Demand collection      

 Waddington, D. et. al. Flashpoints: Studies in Public Disorder, chap. 10. (soc F-3.9) High Demand collection.     OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (CHG 01/11/2019) 

 Bagguley, P. and Hussain, Y. Riotous Citizens, chap. 1

 Keith, M. (1993) Race, Riots and Policing, part 2.     OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (CHG 01/11/2019) 


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TUTORIAL 10: Art, Performance and Protest and Social Media and Cotemporray Protest 


Alexander, J. C. (2017) ‘Seizing the Stage Social Performances from Mao Zedong to Martin Luther King Jr., and Black Lives Matter TodayTDR: The Drama Review 61:1: 14-42.

Bennett, W. G. and Segerberg, A. (2012) ‘The Logic of Connective Action: digital media and the personalisation of contentious politics’, Information, Communication and Society, 15, 5: 739-68.

 Rovisco, M. (2016) ‘A new ‘Europe from below’? Cosmopolitan citizenship, digital media and the indignados social movementComparative European Politics, 14 (4). pp. 435-457.


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Other Key Reading

Ryan, E. H. (2017) Political Street Art: Communication, Culture and Resistance in Latin America. London: Routledge.      

Trere, E. (2019) Hybrid Media Activism: Ecologies, Imaginaries, Algorithms. London: Routledge      



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