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Educ 3550 Module Reading List

Child Welfare and Young Children, 2019/20, Semester 2
Mr Doug Martin
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Module Reading List

The following books provide general reading for the module. 

Specific readings are given for each topic during the teaching of the module.

There is no single core text book for this course but the following books provide a broad overview of issues relevant to the module. Walker (2018) Working together for children provides an up-to-date discussion of multi-agency working in specific contexts and other factors relevent to the module such as the various vulnerable circumstances experienced by children. Previous additions of the book are also useful. For research on the Children Act see The Children Act now : messages from research (2001). Frost (ed) Child welfare : major themes in health and social welfare (four volumes) and is in the Brotherton. Also Frost (2011) Rethinking children and families : the relationship between the childhood, families and the state is a very useful text. See also a book of readings edited by Hendrick (2005), Child welfare and social policy : an essential reader. 

The key website is

On the family in general see:

Giddens, A (1999) The Reith Lectures, Lecture on the ‘Family’, AND reprinted in Runaway World (2000), London, Routledge

or general sociology text books, most of which have a chapter on ‘The family’.

On family support for government policy see the following which are mainly stored in the official publications section of the Brotherton:

Home Office (1998) Supporting families : a consultation document, or on the web:

Department for Education and Employment (1998) Meeting the Childcare Challenge

Department of Health (1995) Child protection : messages from research.


Books on family support include:

Canavan, Dolan and Pinkerton (eds) (2000), Family support : direction from diversity, London, JKP

Colton, M. (1995), Children in need : family support under the Children Act 1989, London, JKP

Dolan, P., Canavan, J., Pinkerton, J. (Eds) (2006) Family support as reflective practice JKP.

Featherstone, B. (2004) Family life and family support : a feminist analysis, Palgrave, Basingstoke

Frost, N et al (eds) (2003) The RHP companion to family support, Lyme Regis, Russell House

Land, H. (2001) Meeting the child poverty challenge : why universal childcare is key to ending child poverty, London, Daycare Trust

McAuley, C., Pecora, P. J., Rose, W. (Eds) (2006) Enhancing the well-being of children and families through effective interventions : international evidence for practice JKP.

Parton, N. (ed) (1997) Child protection and family support : tensions, contradictions, and possibilities, London, Routledge

Pithouse, A. (1998), Family support and family centre services : issues, research and evaluation in the UK, USA, and Hong Kong, London, JKP

Wheal, A (ed) (2002), Family support handbook, Lyme Regis, Russell House

There is a special issue of the journal Children & society. 13:4, Sept., 1999 on family support stored on the Education shelves (Education O CHI) and available online via the library catalogue.

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On the Children Act, 1989 / 2004 see:

Many publications, around 15-20, are in boxes under Department of Health, at Brotherton in the Official Publications section.

Abuse in care

For overviews on abuse in care see the two reports chaired by Sir William Utting:

Children in the public care : a review of residential care (1991, HMSO)

People Like Us (1997, TSO)

Corby, B et al (2001) Public inquiries into residential abuse of children, London, Jessica Kingsley

Child protection

See also:

Humphreys, C. & Stanley, N. (Eds) (2006) Domestic violence and child protection : directions for good practice JKP.

Parton, N. (2006) Safeguarding childhood : early intervention and surveillance in a late modern society Palgrave Macmillan.

Parton, N. (1991) Governing the family : child care, child protection and the state, London, MacMillan

Parton, N., and Wattam, C. (1999) Child sexual abuse : responding to the experiences of children, London, MacMillan

Violence Against Children Study Group (1990) Taking child abuse seriously : contemporary issues in child protection theory and practice, (London, MacMillan)

Violence Against Children Study Group (1999) Children, child abuse and child protection : placing children centrally, (London, John Wiley)

Wilson and James (eds) (2007) The Child Protection Handbook London, Balliere Tindall

The Brotherton boxes contain a series of books called ‘Studies in Child Protection’, which are summarised in Child protection : messages from research. (1995)

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On co-operation in child protection see:

Hallett, C. (1995) Interagency coordination in child protection, London, HMSO.

Frost, N. (2005) Professionalism, partnership and joined-up thinking : a research review of front-line working with children and families, Research in Practice

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On residential child care see:

Packman, J. and Hall, C., (1998)  From care to accommodation : support, protection and control in child care services, London, TSO

Frost, Mills and Stein (1999)  Understanding residential child care, London, Ashgate

Hayden, C. et al (2000) State child care : looking after children?, London, JKP

Berridge, D., Brodie, I (1998) Children's homes revisited, London, JKP

Crimmens and Pitts (eds (2000)  Positive residential practice : learning the lessons of the 1990s Lyme Regis, RHP

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On adoption see:

Kirton, D. (2000) "Race", ethnicity and adoption, Milton Keynes, OUP

Ivaldi, G. (2000) Surveying adoption : a comprehensive analysis of local authority adoptions 1998/99 - England : BAAF adoption statistics project, London, BAAF

Shaw, J. and Frost, N. (2013) Young people and the care experience : research, policy and practice. London: Routledge.

Thomas, N. (2005) Social work with young people in care : looking after children in theory and practice Palgrave Macmillan.

Treacher, A and Katz, I (2000) The dynamics of adoption, London, JKP

For an overview with a chapter on residential care, child abuse, etc, see Frost and Stein, now a little out of date,  The politics of child welfare : inequality, power and change, (Harvester Wheatsheaf, 1989)

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On leaving care:

On leaving care a good starting point is the course handout Leaving Care produced by Mike Stein for the Prince's Fund. Also by Stein look at:

Stein, M. (2004) What works for young people leaving care? Ilford, Barnardo's

Stein, M. Carey, K. (1986)  Leaving care, Oxford, Blackwell

Biehal, N et al (1995)  Moving on : young people and leaving care schemes  London, TSO 

See DfE website on leaving care and the Children (Leaving Care) Act. The official report 'Me, Survive Out There' is helpful (available as a PDF at: )

See also the leaving care in books on care more generally which are listed above - for example in Frost, Mills and Stein Understanding residential child care, (Ashgate, 1999), and Hayden, C. et al State child care : looking after children? (JKP, 2000).

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On the government's Sure Start initiative:

The DfE website is a good resource. Doug has a box full of 'grey' literature - ask to see it if you wish. There is an important article written by the lead civil servant, Norman Glass below:

Baldock, P. et al, (2013) Understanding Early Years Policy, Paul Chapman

Glass N (1999) ‘Sure Start: The Development of an Early Intervention programme for Young Children in the United Kingdom’ Children & society. 13 pp. 257-264

Siraj-Blatchford, I., Clarke, K., and Needham, M. (2011) The team around the child : multi-agency working in the early years. Stoke: Trentham Press.

Weinberger, J. et al, (2005) Learning from Sure Start : working with young children and their families OUP

Also important is:

Home Office (1998) Supporting families : a consultation document., in Brotherton or on the web,

Bradshaw, J. (2001) Poverty : the outcomes for children, London, FPSC

Harding, L. (2001) Child poverty, Sheffield, Hallam

See also official statistics in ‘Social Trends’ (published every year) or on the web

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For books on family and children’s centres:

See the books mentioned under family support above including A.Pithouse and M. Colton.

See also:

Cannan, C. (1992)  Changing families, changing welfare : family centres and the welfare state, Brighton, Harvester Wheatsheaf

Frost, N. (2011) Rethinking children and families : the relationship between the childhood, families and the state. London: Continuum.

Warren-Adamson, C. (ed)  Family centres and their international role in social action : social work as informal education, London, Ashgate

Smith, T. (1996)  Family centres & bringing up young children, London, HMSO

Holman, B. (1988)  Putting families first : prevention and child care : a study of prevention by statutory and voluntary agencies, London, MacMillan

McMahon, L. and Ward, A.(2001)  Helping families in family centres : working at therapeutic practice, London, Jessica Kingsley

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For books on Youth Crime:

Utting D et al (1993), Crime and the family : conference report ; proceedings of an international conference held in London, 3 February 1994, Family Policy Study Centre, London

The Audit Commission (1996), Misspent youth : young people and crime : national report, The Audit Commission, London

Goldson B (ed) (2000), The new youth justice, Russell House Publishing, Lyme Regis

D. Farrington (1996), Understanding and preventing youth crime, Joseph Rowntree Foundation, York

G Boswell(2000) Violent children and adolescents : asking the question why, Willey, Chichester

J Muncie, (1999) Youth And Crime, Sage, London

General books

Anning, A, Cullen, T. and Fleer, M. (2009) Research contents across cultures. Chapter in Early childhood education : society and culture .

Ball, S.J. (2013) The education debate. Second Edition. Bristol: Policy Press.

Bilson, A. (Ed) (2005) Evidence-based practice in social work Whiting & Birch.

Cameron, C. and Moss, P. (2011) Social pedagogy and working with children and young people : where care and education meet. Kingsley, London.

Greene, S. & Hogan, D. (2005) Researching children's experience : methods and approaches Paul Chapman.

Fawcett, B. et al (2004) Contemporary child care policy and practice (Palgrave)

Frost, N. (ed) Child welfare : major themes in health and social welfare (four volumes) (Routledge)

Garrett, P. M. (2018) Social work and social theory : making connections ISBN: 9781447341888 (pbk.) : £26.99; 9781447341901 (ePub ebook) : £26.99; 9781447341918 (Kindle ebook) : £26.99 Bristol: Policy Press.

Hendrick, H Child welfare and social policy : an essential reader (Polity, 2005).

Lefevre, M. (2018) Communicating and engaging with children and young people : making a difference ISBN: 9781447343530 paperback; 1447343530 paperback. Bristol: Policy Press.

Martin, D. (2016)  Whatever happened to extended schools? : the story of an ambitious education project ISBN: 9781782770497 £26.99 (pbk.); 9781782771845 (PDF ebook) : £26.99. London: IoE Press

Mortimore, P. (2013) Education under siege [electronic resource] : why there is a better alternative ISBN: 1447311337 ebook; 9781447311331 ebook; 9781447311317 (hardback). Bristol: Policy Press.

Whitty, G. (2016) Research and policy in education : evidence, ideology and impact ISBN: 9781782771425 (e-book). London: IoE.


Children & society., British Journal of Social Work. and many online journals - including Child & family social work.

See govt. departments:

Home Office

Department of Health

Dept. for Education

Also see voluntary organisations websites - Barnardo’s, Home-Start, etc. these have useful information on them.

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