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Module Reading List

Story Workshop, 2019/20
Garry Lyons
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Altman, Robert (dir) 1993 Short Cuts  DVD Paramount Pictures

Aristotle 1996, Poetics ISBN: 0140446362 , Penguin 

Bailey, T 2010 On writing short stories Oxford University Press  

Carver, R 1995 Short cuts London: The Harvill Press  

Chekhov, A 2004 About love and other stories Oxford University Press

Cinema 16 : American short films., DVD Momac Films Lts

Cinema 16 [videorecording] : British short films., DVD Momac Films Ltd

Cooper, P & Dancyger, K 2004 Writing the short film Elsevier  

Cox, A 2016, Writing short stories : a Routledge writer's guide ISBN: 9781138955424; 1138955426; 9781138955431; 1138955434; 9781315666341 (e-book); 1315666340; 9781317354833 (Proquest Ebook Central); 1317354834, Routledge

Dyson, Jeremy 2009 The cranes that build the cranes London: Abacus

Dancyger, K & Rush, J 2013 Alternative Scriptwriting  Focal Press

Fairbairns, Z 2015, Write short stories and Get Them Published : Teach Yourself , Hodder Education

Gardner, J. 1991, The Art of Fiction , Vintage

Kundera, M. 2000, The Art of the Novel, Harper Collins

Lodge, D. 1993, The Art of Fiction , Penguin  

Levi, P. 2000, The periodic table, Penguin

McKee, R. 1998, Story. Substance, Structure, Style and the Principles of Screenwriting , Faber  

MacKendrick, A 2004/5 On film-making : an introduction to the craft of the director Faber & Faber

Munro, A. 2014, Vintage Munro. Vintage 

Murphy, JJ 2007,  Me and you and Memento and Fargo : how independent screenplays work Continuum

Nash, P 2012, Short films : writing the screenplay ISBN: 9781842435199 (e-book), Creative Essentials

Parker, P 1999, The Art and Science of Screenwriting  Intellect

Price, Steven 2010,  The screenplay : authorship, theory and criticism  Palgrave Macmillan

Rubie, P. 1996, The Elements of Storytelling, John Wiley & Sons 

Seger, L. 1992, The Art of Adaptation, Owl

Seger, L 1990, Creating Unforgettable Characters , Holt & Co

Tierno, M. 2002, Aristotle's poetics for screenwriters : storytelling secrets from the greatest mind in western civilization , Hyperion

Tobias, R. 1993, Twenty Master Plots , Writer’s Digest Books

Vogler, C. 1998, The Writer's Journey , Pan

Wells, P 2007,   Scriptwriting : developing and creating text for play, film or broadcast  AVA Academia

This list was last updated on 25/07/2017