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Module Reading List

Advanced Topics in Ecology, 2019/20, Semester 1
Dr Les Firbank
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Suggested readings

Benton TG, SJ Plaistow & TN Coulson (2006) Complex population dynamics and complex causation: devils, details and demography . Proceedings of the Royal Society London series B, 273: 1173-1181

Blackburn, TM & KJ Gaston (2003) Macroecology : concepts and consequences : the 43rd Annual Symposium of the British Ecological Society , Malden, MA : Blackwell Pub., 2003.

Brown, JH (1995) Macroecology , U Chicago Press.

Chinery, M. A Field Guide to the Insects of Britain and Northern Europe , London : Collins, 1976.

Clutton-Brock TH & T Coulson (2002) Comparative ungulate dynamics: the devil is in the detail. Philisophical Transactions of the Royal Society London series B, 357: 1285-1298

Daszak, P, AA Cunningham & AD Hyatt (2000) Emerging Infectious Diseases of Wildlife: Threats to Biodiversity and Human Health Science 287: 443-449

Gaston, KJ & TM Blackburn (2000), Pattern and process in macroecology, Blackwell.

Hubbell SP (2001) The unified neutral theory of biodiversity and biogeography , Princeton U Press

Hudson, P (ed.) (2002) The Ecology of Wildlife Diseases . Oxford U Press

Lindstrom J (1999) Early development and fitness in birds and mammals. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 14: 343-348

Stockwell CA, AP Hendry AP & MT Kinnison (2003) Contemporary evolution meets conservation biology. Trends in Ecology & Evolution 18: 94-101

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