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Module Reading List

Managing and Exploiting Intellectual Capital, 2019/20, Semester 2
Gideon Azumah
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Brooking, A (1996), Intellectual Capital, Cengage Learning EMEA Thomson.

Granstrand, O (1999), The economics and management of intellectual property : towards intellectual capitalism, Edward Elgar: Cheltenham.

Maskus, KE (2000), Intellectual property rights in the global economy. Institute for International Economics.

Sullivan, PH (2001), Profiting from intellectual capital : extracting value from innovation. John Wiley and Sons. This book is particularly useful for completing your assignments. It is available as a reference only book at EBL12, Student Ref Management E-9 SUL.

Teece, DJ (2002), Managing intellectual capital : organizational, strategic, and policy dimensions. Oxford University Press.

Additional Readings

The following books may be useful to you during the course of the module:

Andersen, B (ed) (2006), Intellectual property rights : innovation, governance and the institutional environment. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

Andriessen, D and Tissen, R (2000), Weightless wealth : finding your real value in a future of intangible assets, London: Financial Times Prentice Hall.

Blackburn, RA (2003), Intellectual property and innovation management in small firms, Taylor and Francis Routledge. Also available as an ebook (2010)

Bryer, L and Simensky, M (2002), Intellectual property assets in mergers and acquisitions, New York: Wiley.

Buigues P, Jacquemin, A and Marchipont J-F (eds) (2000), Competitiveness and the value of intangible assets, Edward Elgar: Cheltenham.

Contractor, F (2001), Valuation of intangible assets in global operations, Quorum Books: London.

Fink, C and Maskus, KE (2005), Intellectual property and development : lessons from recent economic research, A co-publication of the World Bank and Oxford University Press: Oxford.

Gilbert, J (2004), The entrepreneur's guide to patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets & licensing, New York: Berkley Books.

Hand, J and Lev, B (eds) (2003), Intangible assets : values, measures, and risks, Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Hart, S and Murphy, J (eds) (1998), Brands : the new wealth creators, Basingstoke: Palgrave Interbrand.

Harvard Business Review (1999) Harvard business review on brand management, Boston: Harvard Business School Press.

Jolly, A and Philpott, J (2004), A handbook of intellectual property management : protecting, developing and exploiting your IP assets, Kogan Page: London (published in association with the Intellectual Property Office, UK).

Lev, B (2001), Intangibles : management, measurement, and reporting, Washington DC: Brookings Institution Press.

Nonaka, I and Teece, D (eds) (2001), Managing industrial knowledge : creation, transfer and utilization, Sage: London.

Pike, CG (2001), Virtual monopoly : building an intellectual property strategy for creative advantage; from patents to trademarks, from copyrights to design rights, London: Nicolas Brearley Publishing.

Poltorak, AI and Lerner, PJ (2002), Essentials of intellectual property, New York: Wiley. An accessible and useful book, though written primarily for an American audience and therefore with a bias towards US law.

Pugatch, MP (2004), The international political economy of intellectual property rights, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

Pugatch, MP (ed) (2006), The intellectual property debate : perspectives from law, economics and political economy, Cheltenham: Edward Elgar.

Reilly, RF and Schweihs, RP (1998), Valuing intangible assets, New York, McGraw-Hill.

Roos J, Roos G, Dragonetti NC and Edvinsson, L (1997 ), Intellectual capital : navigating the new business landscape, Macmillan Business: Basingstoke.

Roos, G, Pike, S and Fernström, L (2006), Managing intellectual capital in practice, Elsevier Science and Technology Butterworth-Heinemann. Also available as an ebook.

Stewart, TA (1998), Intellectual Capital: The New Wealth of Organizations, Nicolas Brealey Publishing: London.

Stewart, TA (2001), The wealth of knowledge : intellectual capital and the twenty-first century organization, Nicolas Brearley Publishing: London.

Sullivan, PH (2000), Value-driven intellectual capital : how to convert intangible corporate assets into market value, New York: John Wiley and Sons.

Temporal, P (2001), Branding in Asia : the creation, development, and management of Asian brands for the global market, New York: John Wiley and Sons.

Wheeler, A (2003), Designing Brand Identity: A complete guide to creating, building and maintaining strong brands, Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley and Sons.

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Additional Readings

The following additional readings may also be useful to you during the module (this list will be updated and added to on the module resources section of the Blackboard VLE):

Beamish, P (2003), “Licensing”, chapter 6 in Beamish, PW, Morrison, AJ, Rosenzweig, P and Inkpen, A (eds),  International Management: Text and Cases. 5th Edition McGraw Hill Higher Education. This book is available in the Student Reference section of the EBL (under: Management E-1 BEA).  

Blackett, T (1998), “Managing and exploiting brands”, chapter 5 in Trademarks, Palgrave Macmillan. Counter collection, EBL.

Brooke, MZ and Buckley, PJ (1988), Handbook of international trade, Macmillan, (part 3)

Brooke, MZ and Skilbeck, (1994), Licensing, Gower: Aldershot.

Buckley, PJ (1994), Cooperative Forms of Transnational Corporation Activity, Vol 13 United Nations Library on Transnational Corporations.  

Chaudhry, PE and Walsh, MG (1995), “Intellectual property rights: changing levels of protection under GATT, NAFTA and the EU”, The Columbia journal of world business, Summer, vol 30 (2), pp. 80-93. Counter collection, EBL.

Contractor, Farok J (1981), International technology licensing : compensation, costs, and negotiation, Lexington, Mass. : Lexington Books. A reference copy is available at EBL 12, Student Ref Economics J-0.2 CON. This is a dated book now, but contains some valuable information and background material.

Contractor, Farok J. (1985), Licensing in international strategy : a guide for planning and negotiations . Chapter 5 is available at the EBL Counter under ref A6937.  

Grindley, PC and Teece, DJ (1997), “Managing Intellectual Capital: Licensing and Cross-Licensing in Semiconductors and Electronics”, California management review, Winter, 39 (2), pp. 8-41. Counter collection, EBL.

Hart, T and Fazzani, L (1997),“Intellectual Property and Competition Law”, chapter 23 in Intellectual property law., Macmillan. Counter collection, EBL.  

Lehman, BA (1996), “Intellectual property: America’s competitive advantage in the 21st century”, The Columbia journal of world business, Vol 31 (1), pp. 6-17. Counter collection, EBL. This issue of CJWB contains a number of articles on IP and related topics, which will provide useful background material for the course.

Sullivan, NF (1995), Technology transfer : making the most of your intellectual property, Cambridge University Press. Counter collection, EBL. This book is specific to the biotechnology industry, but contains a lot of practical material on the licensing process.

Sullivan, PH (1998), “The Intellectual Asset Manager”, chapter 14 in Profiting from intellectual capital : extracting value from innovation. John Wiley and Sons. Counter collection, EBL.

Thurow, LC (1997), “Needed: A new system of intellectual property rights”, Harvard business review, vol 75 (5), pp. 94-103. Counter collection, EBL.

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Law Texts

A module like this inevitably addresses legal aspects to the protection of intellectual property rights. It is not necessary to have a good understanding of the law in order to pass the module. However, students who would like to know more about the legal protection of IP may wish to consult the following texts:

Bainbridge, D (1999), Intellectual Property, (4th ed), London: Financial Times Pitman Publishing.

Hart, T and Fazzani, L (1997), Intellectual property law., Basingstoke: Macmillan.

MacQueen, H, Waelde, C and Laurie, G (2010), Contemporary intellectual property : law and policy, Oxford University Press 2nd Ed.

Torremans, P (2001), Intellectual Property Law (3rd ed), London: Butterworths.  

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The following journals regularly publish articles on the theory and practice of intellectual property rights management and intellectual capital management. References to individual articles will be made in class.

European intellectual property review

Intellectual property quarterly

International Journal of Intellectual Property Management - Available online: jcode=ijipm

Journal of world intellectual property

Journal of intellectual capital

Journal of intellectual property law and practice

Managing intellectual property

This list was last updated on 21/01/2019