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Module Reading List

English for Translators, 2019/20, Semester 1
Anne Buckley
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue


McCarthy M., O'Dell, F. 2005. English collocations in use.  Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

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Use of Corpora

McEnery, Tony; Richard Xiao and Yukio Tono. 2006. Corpus-based language studies: an advanced resource book. London : Routledge.

Olohan, Maeve. 2004. Introducing corpora in translation studies. London : Routledge.

Partington. A. 1998.  Patterns and meanings : using corpora for English language research and teaching . Amsterdam: Benjamins.

Sinclair, John. 1991. Corpus, concordance, collocation. Oxford : Oxford University Press. 

Sinclair, John. 2003. Reading concordances : an introduction. Harlow : Longman.

Sinclair, John. 2004. Trust the text : language, corpus and discourse London: Routledge.

Stubbs, Michael. 1996. Text and corpus analysis : computer-assisted studies of language and culture.  Oxford: Blackwell.

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Commentary Writing

Mossop, B. 2001. Revising and editing for translators. Manchester: St Jerome.

Sewell, Penelope M. 2002. Translation commentary : the art revisited : a study of French texts. Dublin : Philomel.

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Cambridge Advanced Learner’s Dictionary. 2008. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Online version:

Collins COBUILD English Dictionary for Advanced Learners. 2008. Glasgow: HarperCollins.

Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English. 2009. Harlow: Pearson Education Limited. Online version:

Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary. 2011. Oxford: Oxford University Press. Online version:

The BBI combinatory dictionary of English: Your guide to Collocations and Grammar. 3rd Edition. 2009. Compiled by Morton Benson, Evelyn Benson, Robert Ilson. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.

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Internet resources

Corpora in Leeds: (corpus interface)

Sketchengine: (corpus interface)

WebCorp: (interface for use of web as corpus)

TAUS Data: (bilingual corpora)

Linguee: (bilingual corpora of many languages to/from English)

This list was last updated on 27/09/2019