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Module Reading List

International Healthcare, 2019/20, Semester 2
Jimmy Choo
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Essential reading

LEININGER, M.M. 1991. Culture care diversity and universality: a theory of nursing. 2nd edition. New York: McGraw-Hill

WATT, S, LAW, K, OTS, U and WAAGO, K. 2002. Reflections across boundaries: the European nursing module. Journal of Transcultural Nursing; 13 (4) pp. 318-9

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CUNNINGHAM, L. 1993.  Student skills for the new Europe. Leeds: Higher Education for Capability.

DALY, J, SPEEDY, S, JACKSON D and DERBYSHIRE, P. (eds) 2010. Contexts of Nursing: an introduction. 3rd ed. Oxford: Blackwell Publishing.

DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH. 2004. Code of Practice for the International Recruitment of Healthcare Professionals. London. D.H. Available from:

DOBSON, S.M. 1991 Transcultural nursing: a contemporary imperative. London: Scutari Press.

GERRISH, K, HUSBAND, C and MACKENZIE, J. 1996. Nursing for a multi ethnic society. Buckingham: OU Press.

GHAYE, T and LILLYMAN, S 2010. Reflection : principles and practice for healthcare professionals. 2nd ed. Wiltshire: Quay.

GUIRDHAM, M. 2005. Communicating across cultures. 2nd ed. London: MacMillan Press Ltd.

HOLLAND, K and HOGG, C 2010. Cultural awareness in nursing and health care. 2nd ed. London: Arnold.

KAVANAGH, K and KENNEDY, P.H. 1992.  Promoting cultural diversity: strategies for health care professionals. California: Sage Publications.

KOSKINEN, L and TOSSAVINEN, K. 2000. Benefits/problems of enhancing students intercultural competence. British Journal of Nursing; 12 (6) pp.369-377.

LEE, N. 1997. Learning from abroad: the benefits for nursing. Journal of Nursing Management; 5(6) pp. 359-365

PAPADOPOULOS, I, TILKI, M and TAYLOR, G. 1998. Transcultural care: a guide for health care. Wiltshire: Mark Allen Publishing

QUINN, S and RUSSELL, S (eds) 1993. Nursing – the European dimension. Harrow: Scutari

SAVAGE, J and HEIJNEN, S. (Eds) 1997. Nursing in Europe: a resource for better health. Copenhagen: World Health Publications

SPENCE, D.G. 2001. Prejudice, paradox and possibility: nursing people from cultures other than one’s own. Journal of Transcultural Nursing; 12(2) pp. 100-106

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Useful websites

European Nursing Module Network

RCN - transcultural health care practice   

You will be given information on how to access the ENM student discussion room on University of Brighton website: This will provide a forum for discussion for all students in the Network who are undertaking the module for the four weeks prior to Exchange, during and four weeks after the Exchange.

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