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Module Reading List

Introduction to Environmental Science, 2019/20, Semester 1
Dr Yim Ling Siu
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Materials will be available in a summary form on the Enviroweb resource at -

Key overview text books

Key overview text books that introduce environmental science and environmental systems at a suitable level, to which you should refer for scientific guidance, include –

O’Riordan, T. (ed. 2000). Environmental science for environmental management . (second edition). Longman, London.

Park, C. (2001). The environment : principles and applications (second edition). Routledge, London.

Briggs, D., Smithson, P., Addison, K and Atkinson, K. (2002). Fundamentals of the physical environment (third edition). Routledge, London.

Cunningham, W.P and Saigi, B.W. (2006). Environmental science : a global concern. (ninth edition). McGraw Hill, New York.

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Specific subject texts, for reference include –

Barry, R. G. (2003) Atmosphere, weather and climate (eighth edition) Routledge, London

Begon, M., Harper, J.L. & Townsend, C.R. (2006) Ecology : from individuals to ecosystems . (fourth ed.) Blackwell Scientific Publications, London.

Huggett, R.J.(2004). Fundamentals of biogeography (second edition). Routledge, London.

Kemp, D. (1994) Global environmental issues : a climatological approach . London, Routledge.

Lovelock, J. (1995) The ages of Gaia : a biography of our living earth . (second edition) Oxford, Oxford University Press.

Press, F and Siever, R (1986) Earth W.H. Freeman and Co., San Francisco

Tarbuck, E.J. and Lutgens, F.K (2006) Earth science : (eleventh Edition), Prentice Hall, Hall Jersey


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