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Module Reading List

Environmental Science for Environmental Management, 2019/20, Semester 1, 2
Ben Mills
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Environmental Science and Management

** O’Riordan, T. (ed. 2000).  Environmental science for environmental management . 2nd edition. Longman, London.  Chapter 1  (Chapters 5, 7, 9, 11, 12 will be useful for reference in workshop activities)

* Mitchell, B. (2002)  Resource and environmental management . 2nd edition. Pearson Education, Harlow.  Chapter 1

Cunningham, W.P, Cunningham, M.A and Saigo, B.W. (2007)  Environmental science : a global concern. 9th edition . McGraw Hill, New York.   Chapter 2  for background on what environmental science is.

Gregory, D., Johnston, R., Pratt, G., Watts, M. and Whatmore, S. (2011). The Dictionary of Human Geography . 5th edition. John Wiley & Sons.

Critical Understandings of Science

Pawson, R. (2002) Evidence-based policy: the promise of `realist synthesis'. Evaluation . , 8, 340-358

Irwin, A (2001), Sociology and the environment : a critical introduction to society, nature, and knowledge Polity Press, Cambridge: Polity

Ravetz, J., (2006).  The no-nonsense guide to science . New Internationalist.

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Environmental Hazards

** Smith, K. (2009)  Environmental hazards: assessing risk and reducing disaster . 5th edition. Routledge, London.  Focuses particularly on management of environmental risks and contains a lot of useful case studies.

Blaikie, P., Cannon, T., Davis, I. and Wisner, B., (2014).  At risk: natural hazards, people's vulnerability and disasters . Routledge, London.

Geological Hazards

Bolt, B.A., Horn, W.L., MacDonald, G.A. and Scott, R.F. (2013). Geological hazards : earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, avalanches, landslides, floods . Springer Science & Business Media.

Climatic Hazards

IPCC. (2014) Climate change 2014 : impacts, adaptation, and vulnerability : Working Group II contribution to the fifth assessment report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change [Core Writing Team, R.K. Pachauri and L.A. Meyer(eds.)] IPCC, Geneva, Switzerland

Longshore, D., (2010) Encyclopedia of hurricanes, typhoons, and cyclones . Infobase Publishing.

Hydrological Hazards

Davie, T., (2008) Fundamentals of Hydrology . Taylor & Francis.

Drought and Desertification

Geist, H.J. and Lambin, E.F. (2004). Dynamic causal patterns of desertification. Bioscience. , 54(9), pp.817-829.

Reynolds, J.F., Smith, D.M.S., Lambin, E.F., Turner, B.L., Mortimore, M., Batterbury, S.P., Downing, T.E., Dowlatabadi, H., Fernández, R.J., Herrick, J.E. and Huber-Sannwald, E. (2007). Global desertification: building a science for dryland development. Science. , 316(5826), pp.847-851

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Natural Resource Management

MEA (2005). Millennium Ecosystem Assessment synthesis report : pre-publication final draft approved by MA Board on March 23, 2005 . Washington, DC

Lockwood, M (2010). Governance Principles for Natural Resource Management. Society & natural resources. , 23 (10), p. 986.

Barbier E.B. (2005) Natural resources and economic development , Cambridge: CUP.

Brosius, P.J., Tsing, A.L. and Zerner, C. eds., (2005). Communities and conservation : histories and politics of community-based natural resource management . Rowman Altamira.

Water Resources and Contamination

Holden, J., (2013). Water resources : an integrated approach . Routledge.

Grafton, R.Q. and Hussey, K. eds., (2011). Water resources planning and management . Cambridge University Press

Atmospheric Pollution

Metcalfe, S. and Derwent, D., (2014).  Atmospheric pollution and environmental change . Routledge.

Jacobson, M.Z., (2002). Atmospheric pollution : history, science, and regulation . Cambridge University Press.

Mineral resources and extraction

Aswathanarayana, U., (2005). Mineral resources management and the environment . CRC Press

Keller, E. (2012) Introduction to Environmental Geology . 5th Edition. Pearson, London

Soils, forests and carbon

Apps, M.J. and Price, D. eds., (2013). Forest Ecosystems, Forest Management and the Global Carbon Cycle (Vol. 40). Springer Science & Business Media

Smith, K.A. and Mullins, C.E. (2001). Soil and environmental analysis : physical methods . Second edition. Marcel Dekker, NY. 637 pp (In SRUC Library)

Wall, D.H. and Bardgett, R.D. eds., (2012). Soil ecology and ecosystem services. Oxford University Press

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