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Module Reading List

Deformation Processes, 2019/20, Semester 2
Dr Geoffrey Lloyd
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Recommended module text:

Fossen, H. Structural geology . Cambridge University Press - n.b. a new edition is due out January 2016.

In addition, the basic lectures notes are supported by different types of material that you are expected to access as appropriate. All lectures have associated follow-up work explicitly outlined. You are recommended to consult the following general texts as/when necessary:

Ramsay, JG & Huber, M 1983. The techniques of modern structural geology, volume 1.: Strain Analysis. Academic Press.

Ramsay, JG & Huber, M 1987. The techniques of modern structural geology , volume 2: folds and fractures. Academic Press.

Park, R.G. 2000. Foundations of Structural Geology (3rd ed.). Chapman & Hall. .

Passchier, CW. & Trouw, RAJ. 2005. Microtectonics . Springer.

Twiss RJ, & Moores, EM. 1992. Structural Geology , Freeman.

Jaeger, JC. 1971. Elasticity, Fracture & Flow . Chapman & Hall

Details of a wide range of other reading materials, including relevant journal papers will be provided during the module.

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