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Module Reading List

Contaminated Land Studies: Integrating Business Skills and Science in Consultancy, 2019/20, Semester 2
Dr Christain Maerz
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

This course spans a wide range of material and there is no single text which is appropriate. Useful general reading for the whole course can be found in; Drever, J.I.. The geochemistry of natural waters : surface and groundwater environments, Third Edition, Prentice-Hall, 1997.
Berner, R.A. and Berner, E.K. The global water cycle : geochemistry and environment, Prentice-Hall, 1987.   

More specific reading for the ‘pure science’ part of the course can be found in;
Price, M Introducing groundwater, 1996,.Chapman and Hall.
Domenico, P. and Schwartz, F. Physical and chemical hydrogeology, Second Edition, 1997. John Wiley and Sons.
Appelo, C.A.J. and Postma, D. Geochemistry, groundwater and pollution 1996. Balkema.
Younger, P.L. Banwart, S. A. and Hedin, R.S. 2002 Mine water : hydrology, pollution, remediation. Kluwer Academic Publishers.

The ‘science in consultancy’ material is all on the VLE. There is also a ‘chat-room’ on the VLE for you to exchange ideas, and seek advice about this part of the course. All the lecture material is re-produced on the VLE, and there is some outside reading recommended in;
Petts, J., Cairney, T., and Smith, M. Risk-based contaminated land investigation and assessment. Wiley, 1997. Copies of the relevant chapters are available for loan in the Kennedy Library.

Another potentially useful text: Goudie, A. The human impact on the natural environment. Blackwell, 2006. Available in the library.

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