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Module Reading List

Visual Communication, 2019/20, Semester 1
Mr Mike Sheedy
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue


Dyer, Gillian. (1982) Advertising as Communication  

Felton, G., 1947. (2006). Advertising : concept and copy (2nd ed.). New York;London;: W.W. Norton.    

Goldman, R., 1949. (1992). Reading ads socially. London: Routledge.

Goddard, A. (2002). The language of advertising: Written texts (2nd ed.). London: Routledge.

McStay, A. (2010). Digital advertising. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

Myerson, J. (2002). Rewind : forty years of design and advertising. London: Phaidon.  

O'Guinn, T., Allen, C., & Semenik, R. J. (1999). Advertising (2nd ed.). Cincinnati, Ohio;London;: South-Western.

Pricken, M. (2004). Visual creativity : inspirational ideas for advertising, animation and digital design. London: Thames & Hudson.  

Pricken, M., & Whittall, M. (2008). Creative advertising: Ideas and techniques from the world's best campaigns(New ed.). London: Thames & Hudson.

Stoklossa, U., & Rempen, T. (2010). Advertising : new techniques for visual seduction. London: Thames & Hudson.

Yakob, F. (2015). Paid attention : innovative advertising for a digital world (1st ed.). Philadelphia, PA: Kogan Page.  

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De Bono, E., 1933. (2005). Serious creativity: Using the power of lateral thinking to create new ideas. London: Profile Books.

Young, J. W. (2003). A technique for producing ideas. New York;London;: McGraw-Hill.

Jones, Robert (2000), The big idea, Harper Collins Business, 2000

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American Academy of Advertising 

Journal of advertising.  

Advertising age.  

Journal of current issues & research in advertising.  

Advertising & Society Review  

International journal of advertising.  

Adweek. Western advertising news  

Advertising Age's Creativity  

Art Directors Club of Detroit. Advertising awards annual.  

Journal of visual culture.  

Visual communication.  

Visual resources  

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Cobley, P., 1963, Jansz, L., & Appignanesi, R., 1940. (2004). Introducing semiotics. Royston: Icon.  

Kress, G., & Leeuwen, T. v. (2006). Reading images: The grammar of visual design (2nd ed.). London: Routledge.

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Arden, Paul (2003) It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be, Phaidon Press, Paperback - May 2003

Blackwell, Lewis (2004) 20th Century Type, Laurence King Publishing, Paperback - May 2004

Berger, J. (1972). Ways of seeing : based on the BBC television series with John S. Berger.. London: British Broadcasting Corporation and Penguin Books.

Bringhurs, Robert (2001) The elements of typographic style, by Hartley and Mark (December)

David Jury, (2004) About Face: Reviving the Rules of Typography, RotoVision, Paperback - August 27

Evans, J., Hall, S., 1932-2014, & Open University. (1999). Visual culture : the reader. London: SAGE.

Fletcher, A., 1931. (2001). The art of looking sideways. London, New York: Phaidon.

Fletcher, A., 1931, & Myerson, J. (2004). Beware wet paint : designs by Alan Fletcher. London: Phaidon.

Gordon, Bob; Graham Davis (2001) Making digital type look good, Watson-Guptill Publications, Paperback - October 1

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Howells, R. (2003). Visual culture. Cambridge: Polity.

Itten, J., 1888-1967, & Hagen, E. v. (2004). The art of color: The subjective experience and objective rationale of color ([2nd]. ed.). Chichester;New York;: Wiley.

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Josef Albers, (1975) Interaction of Color, Yale University Press, Paperback - March

Johann Wolfgang Goethe, C.L. Eastlake (Translator) (1970) Theory of Colours, , The MIT Press, Paperback - June 1

Kinross, Robin (2002) Unjustified texts : perspectives on typography, Hyphen Press, Paperback - October 31

Lawson, Alexander S. David R. Godine (1991) Anatomy of a Typeface, Publisher, Paperback - January

McLean, Ruari (1980) The Thames and Hudson manual of typography (Thames & Hudson Manuals), Thames and Hudson Ltd, Paperback - October 1980

Poynor, Rick (2001) Typographica, Laurence King Publishing, Paperback - September 3, 2001

Poynor, Rick (2002) Design without boundaries : visual communication in transition, Booth-Clibborn Editions, Paperback - November 2002

Spiekermann, Erik (2001) Stop Stealing Sheep and Find Out How Type Works, Adobe Press, Paperback - April

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Baddeley, Alan D. 1934- (Alan David). (1997). Human memory: Theory and practice (Rev. ed.). Hove: Psychology.

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Schutte, H and Ciarlante, D, (1998) Consumer behaviour in Asia, London Macmillan Press Ltd,

Schroeder, J. and Salzer-Morling, M. Brand culture, London Routledge, 2006

De Mooij, M, Consumer behavior and culture : consequences for global marketing and advertising, Calafornia Sage Publications Inc, 2004

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Key Databases

ABI Complete (ABI Global)

EBSCO Business Source Premier



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