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Volcanic Processes, 2019/20, Semester 1
Prof Jurgen W Neuberg
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Volcanoes : a planetary perspective

This book by Peter Francis (many copies in the EBL) is a scientific general account of volcanoes, which is an excellent introduction, and contains all of the fundamentals you will need for our classes, though it lacks some of the more advanced things we will be dealing with. If you are keen on volcanoes this is very definitely a book to buy. The link takes you to the University Library page.

Encyclopedia of volcanoes

This is a wonderful book, with articles on every possible aspect of volcanoes, including for example volcanoes in films! For this course, there are several articles in it which very usefully supplement the material in Francis at the more advanced level. There are nine copies in the EBL, and one in the Kennedy Library. 

To access the online copy, you HAVE to go via the library entry for the Encyclopedia, using the above link. Click View this book online, via MyiLibrary, both on- and off-campus. It will take you to a University of Leeds login page, you log in, it validates your User ID and takes you to My I Library.

Volcanoes , by G.A.Macdonald

Another basic text, useful in places, but not of the same quality level as Francis and Encyclopedia of Volcanoes. 3 copies in EBL. Older text (1972).

Mountains of fire : the nature of volcanoes , Decker & Decker

Another basic text. 3 copies in EBL.

Pyroclastic rocks , Fisher & Schmincke

This is a more specialist text on these exceedingly dangerous phenomena. .

Volcanic successions : modern and ancient : a geological approach to processes, products and successions - Cas & Wright

This is a classic text describing the various associations of explosive volcanic products. Unlike in Dante's Peak , volcanoes tend not to exhibit all volcanic features simultaneously, but are in fact dependent on tectonic setting, magma type, and age of volcanic system. This text (now sadly out of print) covers this well.

Active lavas : monitoring and modelling , by Kilburn & Luongo

This text develops the understanding of lava flows, their hazards, mitigation, modelling and general understanding. This is an in-depth version of the similar material (that Chris Kilburn also contributed) to the Encyclopedia of Volcanoes .

Volcanoes in the Sea: the Geology of Hawaii , by Macdonald et al.

Exploring the volcanic geology of Hawaii...

Encyclopedia of Volcanoes - DIRECT LINK

UPDATED UPDATE: This link will now take you to authenticate your login ID. It should work off of campus. To access My I Library from out of campus, use this link,or go via the library entry for the Encyclopedia, using the link at the top of this page. Click View this book online, via MyiLibrary, both on- and off-campus . It will take you to a University of Leeds login page, you log in, it validates your User ID and takes you to My I Library.

Readings - Papers (usually pdf files )

All the links to the papers outside of this course that you should read. Where possible, I will hyperlink these via the DOI system such that you can click through to the paper. You may get prompted to enter your Leeds user ID, or indeed they may not work off of campus.

Auger et al., (2001)
This is the paper by Auger et al., which looks at the detection of the deeper magma chamber (8-10 km) at Vesuvius using active seismic profiling. Reading for Lecture 1 Week 2.

Tilling and Dvorak, 1993, Nature (week 2 reading)

This is a shortcut link to Tilling and Dvorak's paper on Hawaii. They use a variety of data - tilt, GPS, deformation and seismic - to probe the structure and nature of Kilauea.

Sparks (2003)

Steve Sparks is one of the more renowned UK-based volcanologists. This is a paper by him on forecasting of eruptions, published in EPSL (Earth and Planetary Science Letters.) in 2003. Reading for lecture 1 week 2.

USGS InSAR Monitoring Fact Sheet

A pdf-format fact sheet on the hows and whats of InSAR monitoring on volcanoes.
Useful material for week 2.

Thordarson And Self (1998)

This is a (direct) link to Thordarson and Self, (1998), "The Roza Member, Columbia River Basalt Group: A gigantic pahoehoe lava flow field formed by endogenous processes? ", JGR (Solid Earth) 103 , B11, 27411-27445
Reading for week 3.
Update 2009 - I have now routed the link through the University authentication system; it ought to work now.

McCormick et al., 1995, Nature
McCormick's 1995 paper summarising the atmospheric and aerosol impact of Pinatubo in the time span 1991-1993.

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