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Module Reading List

An Introduction to Autism, 2019/20, Semester 2
Anita Collins
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Reading List

Attwood, T. 1998. Asperger's syndrome : a guide for parents and professionals ISBN: 1853025771 (pbk).  London: Jessica Kingsley

Baron-Cohen, S. 2008. Autism and asperger syndrome Oxford: Oxford University Press. Chapter 1 available as an online course reading in the VLE  

Bogdashina, O. 2003. Sensory perceptual issues in autism and Asperger syndrome : different sensory experiences, different perceptual worlds . London: Jessica Kingsley

Bogdashina, O. 2005. Communication issues in autism and Asperger syndrome : do we speak the same language? London: Jessica Kingsley

Bogdashina, O. 2005. Theory of mind and the triad of perspectives on autism and Asperger syndrome : a view from the bridge London: Jessica Kingsley

Boucher, J. Autism spectrum disorder : characteristics, causes, and practical issues ISBN: 9781446295670 (pbk.); 9781446295663 (hardbound); 1446295664 (hardbound); 1446295672 (2nd ed). London:Sage.

Breakey, C. 2006. The autism spectrum and further education : a guide to good practice London: Jessica Kingsley

Clements, J. 2000. Behavioural concerns and autistic spectrum disorders : explorations and strategies for change. London: Jessica Kingsley

Coleman, M. ed. 2005.  The neurology of autism Oxford: Oxford University Press

Cumine, V. 1998. Asperger syndrome : a practical guide for teachers . London: Fulton

Cumine, V., Leach, J. 2000. Autism in the early years : a practical guide London: Fulton.

Delmolino, L., Harris, S. 2012. Matching children on the autistic spectrum to classrooms; A guide for parents and professionals. Journal of autism and developmental disorders. ISSN: 0162-3257. 42 (6) pp 1197-1204.

Denis, A., Di Carlo, C. 2013. Back to basics: working with young children with autism in inclusive classrooms. Support for learning. ISSN: 0268-2141. 28 (2) pp52-66.

DfES. 2002. Autism spectrum disorders : good practice guidance Annesley: DfESfile://  

Farrell, M. 2006. The effective teacher's guide to autism and communication difficulties : practical strategies London: Routledge [available online]

Frith, U. and E. Hill. eds. 2004. Autism, mind and brain ISBN: 0198529244 (pbk.) : £35.00; 0198529236. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Frith, U. 2008. Autism: A very short introduction. Oxford: Oxford University Press  (available as an electronic book)

Hall, K. 2001. Asperger syndrome, the universe and everything . London: Fulton

Higashida, N. 2013 The reason I jump : the inner voice of a thirteen-year-old boy with autism ISBN: 9780812994865 (hardcover : acid-free paper); 9780812994872 (ebook) London: Sceptre

Hewitt, S. 2005. Specialist support approaches to autism spectrum disorder students in mainstream settings London: Jessica Kingsley

Jones, G. 2002. Educational provision for children with autism and Asperger syndrome : meeting their needs ISBN: 1853466697 (pbk). London: David Fulton.

Jordan, R. 1999.  Autistic spectrum disorders : an introductory handbook for practitioners London: Fulton

Powell, S. & R. Jordan. Eds. 2012. Autism and learning: a guide to good practice. London: Routledge. (*E-book)  

Lawson, W. 2001. Understanding and working with the spectrum of autism : an insider's view ISBN: 1853029718 (pbk). London: Jessica Kingsley.

McAllister, K., Maguire, B. 2012. A design model: the auitism spectrum disorder classroom design kit. British journal of special education. ISSN: 0952-3383. 39 (4) pp201-208.

Mesibov, G., Shea, V., & E. Schopler. eds. 2004. The TEACCH approach to autism spectrum disorders New York: Springer

Murray, S. 2008. Representing autism : culture, narrative, fascination Liverpool: Liverpool University Press

NAS 2004. Schools, units and classes : for children with autism and Asperger syndrome. London: NAS  

Sacks, O. 1995. An anthropologist on Mars : seven paradoxical tales London: Picador

Sainsbury, C. 2000. Martian in the playground : understanding the schoolchild with Asperger's syndrome Clifton: Lucky Duck

Sanders, R. 2007. How to talk to parents about autism London: Norton

Thompson, T. 2007. Making sense of autism Baltimore: Brookes Publishing

Whitaker, P. 2001. Challenging behaviour and autism : making sense - making progress : a guide to preventing and managing challenging behaviour for parents and teachers ISBN: 1899280510. London: NAS.

Williams, D. 1992. Nobody nowhere. London: Doubleday

Wing L 1996. The autistic spectrum: a guide for parents and professionals. London: Constable and Co.

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Journals/newspaper articles

Your Autism Magazine: the magazine of the National Autistic Society  

Support for learning (nasen - National Association for Special Educational Needs - journal)

British journal of special education (nasen research journal)

Journal of research in special educational needs. ISSN: 1471-3802

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VLE resources/E - learning resources

Asperger Information Service:

Oasis (On-line Asperger Information Service – lots of useful information including teaching tips for working with ‘high functioning’ students with autism)

Autism Europe: (European association co-ordinating regional associations across Europe)

Autism International Network: (on-line network for adults / young people with autism / Asperger syndrome)   

National Autistic Society: (This website lists links to other websites and most recent research as well as general information on autism, Asperger syndrome etc.)

Parental perspective: (A blog based on one parent’s experiences with her son who has Asperger syndrome)

Resources: (Directory with themed list of links to other sites)   

TEACCH website (University of North Carolina) (information on structured teaching) 

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