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Module Reading List

Fashion Innovation: Product (Negotiated Project), 2019/20, Semester 2
Ms Elaine Evans
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue


Atkinson, M. (2012) How to create your final collection : a fashion student's handbookLaurence King Publishing

Blackman, C. (2012) 100 years of menswear  , Laurence King Publishing

Berens Baker, L. (2016) Laser cutting for fashion and textiles , Laurence King Publishing

Burke, S. (2013) Fashion Artist - Drawing Techniques To Portfolio Presentation , Burke Publishing

Burke, S. (2011) Fashion designer : concept to collection , Burke Publishing

Cole, J & Czachor, S. (2014) Professional sewing techniques for designers (2nd ed), Bloomsbury

Davies, H. (2009) Modern menswear , Laurence King Publishing

Fischer, A. (2008) Construction , AVA Publishing SA

Genova, A. & Moriwaki, K. (2016) Fashion and technology : a guide to materials and applications ISBN: 9781501305085 paperback; 1501305085 paperback, Fairchild Books

Hallett, C. and Johnston, A. (2010) Fabric for fashion : a comprehensive guide to natural fibres , Laurence King Publishing

Hopkins, J. (2017) Basics Fashion Design 07: Menswear , AVA Publishing SA

Hoskins, T (2014) Stitched up : the anti-capitalist book of fashion , Pluto Press

Jenkyn Jones, S. (2011) Fashion design Laurence King Publishing

Miller, E.W. (2017) Creating couture embellishment ISBN: 9781780679488 (pbk.) : £50.00 Laurence King Publishing

Pailes-Friedman, R. (2016) Smart textiles for designers : inventing the future of fabrics , Laurence King Publishing

Renfrew, E. and C. (2016) Developing a collection , AVA Publishing SA

Seivewright, S. and Sorger, R. (2016) Research and design for Fashion (Basics Fashion Design) , Fairchild Books

Sims, J. (2016) Icons of men's style  , Laurence King Publishing

Sorger, R. and Udale, J. (2017) The Fundamentals of Fashion Design, AVA Publishing SA

Sterlacci, F. (2010) Leather fashion design , Laurence King Publishing

Szkutnicka, B. (2016) Technical drawing for fashion , Laurence King Publishing

Udale, J. (2014) Fashion knitwear , Laurence King Publishing

Watson, L. (2015) Fashion visionaries , Laurence King Publishing

Wesen Bryant, M. (2016) Fashion drawing : illustration techniques for fashion designers, Laurence King Publishing

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Pattern Cutting

Barnfield, J. & Richards, A. (2012) Pattern cutting primer : all you need to know about designing, adapting & customising sewing patterns , Bloomsbury

Brown, S (2013) ReFashioned : cutting-edge clothing from upcycled materials , Laurence King Publishing

Chunman Lo, D. (2011) Pattern cutting, Laurence King Publishing

Kershaw, G (2013) Pattern cutting for menswear, Laurence King Publishing 

Knowles, L. (2006) The practical guide to patternmaking for fashion designers : menswear Fairchild Books

Nakamichi, T. (2016) Pattern magicLaurence King Publishing

Nakamichi, T. (2016) Pattern magic 2Laurence King Publishing

Nakamichi, T. (2016) Pattern magic. 3 , Laurence King Publishing

Nakamichi, T. (2016) Pattern magic : stretch fabricsLaurence King Publishing

Sato, H. (2012) Drape drapeLaurence King

Sato, H. (2012) Drape drape. 2 , Laurence King Publishing 

Sato, H (2013) Drape drape. 3 , Laurence King Publishing

Zaman, Z. (2014) Fashion pattern cutting : line, shape and volume , A & C Black Publishers

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Sustainability and Future Directions

Brown, S. (2010) Eco fashion , Laurence King Publishing

Black, S. (2011) Eco-chic : the fashion paradox , Black Dog Publishing

Fletcher, K. (2014) Sustainable fashion and textiles : design journeys , Routledge

Fletcher, K. and Grose, L. (2012) Fashion & sustainability : design for changeLaurence King Publishing

Gwilt, A. and Rissanen, T. (2011) Shaping sustainable fashion : changing the way we make and use clothesRoutledge

Quinn, B. (2012) Fashion futures , Merrell Publishers Ltd

San Martin, M. (2010) Future fashion : innovative materials and technology = El futuro de la moda, tecnologia y nuevos materiales , Promotora de Prensa International S A

Siegle, L. (2011) To die for: is fashion wearing out the world? Fourth Estate 

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