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Module Reading List (October 2019)

Molecules Controlling Sensory and Nutritional Properties, 2019/20, Semester 1, 2
Dr James Smith
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

General References on Biological Chemistry 

Nelson, D.L. (2008) Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry, W.H. Freeman: New York.

Van Holde, K.E. (2006) Principles of Physical Biochemistry, Prentice Hall: Upper Saddle River, N.J.

Bruce Alberts et al (2014). Molecular Biology of the Cell (Sixth Edition) W. W. Norton & Company; Sixth edition (November 18, 2014) ISBN 10 9780815344322 ISBN 978-0815344322

Adam Jacobs (2012). Understanding Organic Reaction Mechanisms, Cambridge University Press doi: 10.1017/CBO9781139170796

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Food and Nutrient Chemistry

I recommend your buying this book. Please read chapters to clarify aspects of the lectures, if you do, you will do very well on the course...

Coultate, T.P. (2015) Food: the Chemistry of its Components, (6th Edition) Royal Society of Chemistry Publishing. London. 
Print ISBN 978-1-84973-880-4  
ePub eISBN:978-1-78262-794-4
(The previous 5th and 4th Editions should be available in the library and can be used too)

Find where copies of these books below are in the libraries... 

Fennema, O.R. (2017) Food chemistry (5th Edition), CRC Press. ISBN 9781482208122
(The previous 4th (2007) Edition should be available in the library and can be used too)

Jan Velisek (2014). The chemistry of food ISBN: 9781118383810 (pbk.) : £60.00; 9781118383841 (hbk.) : £150.00, Wiley-Blackwell 
ISBN: 978-1-118-38381-0

Belitz, H.-D., Grosch, W., Schieberle, P. (2009). Food Chemistry, Springer
ISBN 978-3-540-69935-4
ePubs eISBN 978-3-540-69934-7

Lean, M. E. J. (2006). Fox and Cameron's food science, nutrition & health. ISBN: 0340809485 (pbk.), (7thEd) CRC Press
ISBN 9780340809488

Robinson, D.S. (1987) Food biochemistry and nutritional value , Longman: Harlow.

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Water,  Ions, pH and Reduction & Oxidation

See Coultate above ...

Chang, R. (1981). Physical Chemistry with Applications to Biological Systems, Macmillan: London. 

Morris. J.G. (1974). A Biologist’s Physical Chemistry, Edward Arnold: London.

Bates, R.G. (1973). Determination of pH: theory and practice , Wiley-Interscience: Chichester.

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Protein Structure

See Coultate above...

See Nelson above...

See Van Holde above ...

See Robinson above...

Protein Functionality in Food 

Sikorski, Z.E. (2001) Chemical and Functional Properties of Food Protein, CRC Press: London.

Hill, S.E., Ledward, D.A. and Mitchell, J.R. (1998) Functional Properties of Food Macromolecules, Aspen: Maryland.

Zayas, J.F. (1997) Functionality of proteins in food , Springer: London. (Ch 1)

Nakai, S. and Modler, H.W. (1996) Food proteins: properties and characterization , VCH: Cambridge. (Ch 4: Functional Properties)

Schwartzberg, H.G. and Hartel, R.W. (1992) Physical chemistry of foods , M. Dekker: New York. (Ch 5: Gels and Gelling)

Zayas, J.F. (1997) Functionality of proteins in food , Springer: London. (Ch 1)

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Polysaccharide & Carbohydrate Structure and Function

See Fennema, above...

See Coultate above ...

See Nelson above ...

See Van Holde above ...

See Belitz above ...

Tomasik, P. (2003) Chemical and functional properties of food saccharides , CRC Press: Boca Raton.

Alexander, R.J. and Zobel, H.F. (1992) Developments in carbohydrate chemistry , American Association of Cereal Chemists: Minnesota.

Pomeranz, Y. (1991) Functional Properties of Food Component, Academic Press: Orlando.

Robinson, D.S. (1987) Food biochemistry and nutritional value , Longman: Harlow.

Starch Website

POLYSAC Discover Starch Website


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Fats & Lipids and their Structure and Function

See Fennema, above...

Walstra, P. (2003) Physical Chemistry of Foods, Marcel Dekker: New York (pp.620-649).

Ghotra, B. S.  et al (2002). Lipid shortenings: a review, Food research international. 35, 1015–1048  

Povey, M.J.W. (2001) Crystallization of oil-in-water emulsions. In Crystallization processes in fats and lipid systems (eds. Garti, N. And Sato, X.), Marcel Dekker: New York, p.255.

Brooker, B. E. (1996). The Role of Fat in the Stabilisation of Gas Cells in Bread DoughJournal of Cereal Science.  24(3),187-198

Chocolate bloom and fat structure

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Enzymes and their Action

Berg, J.M., Tymoczko, J.L. and Stryer, L. (2007) Biochemistry, W.H. Freeman: New York.

Gibson, G.G. and Skett, P. (2001) Introduction to Drug Metabolism, Nelson Thornes: Cheltenham.

Tucker, G.A. and Woods, L.F.J. (1995) Enzymes in food processing Blackie Academic & Professional: London.

Robinson, D.S. and Eskin, N.A.M. (1991) Oxidative enzymes in foods , Elsevier Applied Science: London.

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Non-Enzymic Browning

See Belitz above ...

Hui, Y.H., Nip, W.-K., Nollet, L.M.L., Paliyath, G. and Simpson, B.K. (2006) Food biochemistry and food processing , Blackwell Publishing: Oxford.

Nursten, H.E. (2005) The Maillard reaction : chemistry, biology and implications , RSC: Cambridge.

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Colour & Flavour Molecules

See Belitz above ...

See Coultate above ...

See Fennema above ...

Morrison, R.T. and Boyd, R.N. (2003) Organic Chemistry, Prentice Hall: London.

Reineccius, G. (2006) Flavor chemistry and technology , CRC Press: London.

Hendry, G.A.F. and Houghton, J.D. (1996) Natural Food Colorants, Blackie: London.

Acree, T.E. and Teranishi, R. (1993) Flavor science : sensible principles and techniques , American Chemical Society: Washington, DC.

Moyler, D.A. (1986) Developments in food flavours , (eds. Birch, G.G. and Lindley, M.G.) Elsevier Applied Science: London, pp.119-129.

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