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Module Reading List - 2017-18

French-English Translation Skills for Erasmus Students, 2019/20, Semester 1, 2
Dr Terry Bradford
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Grammar and syntax: reference books

You should buy one of the following books if you do not possess an English grammar reference book already and refer to it frequently and regularly:

Berland-Delépine, S. (1983) Grammaire methodique de l'Anglais. Paris: Broché

Hewings, M, Advanced grammar in use : a self-study reference and practice book for advanced learners of English ; with answers (2005) (2nd ed.), Cambridge: Cambridge University Press (copies in Language Centre)

Larreya, Paul and Claude Rivière. (2005) La Grammaire Explicative de l'anglais. Paris: Broché.

Yule, G. (2006) Oxford practice grammar : advanced Oxford: Oxford University Press (copies in Language Centre)

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Secondary reading and reference (available in the library):

Grammar and syntax:

Fowler, H. W. (1983) A dictionary of modern English usage (2nd ed., revised by E. Gowers). Oxford: Oxford University Press

Matthews, P. (1981) Syntax Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Thody, P. (1997) Don't do it! : a dictionary of the forbidden. London: Athlone Press

Linguistic and translation theory (semester 1)

You should consult a selection of the following titles to support the theoretical part of this module:

N. Armstrong, (2005) Translation, linguistics, culture : a French-English handbook Clevedon: Multilingual Matters

Baker, M. (1992) In other words : a coursebook on translation. London: Routledge

Chuquet, H. and Paillard, M. (1989) Approche linguistique des problèmes de traduction anglais-français. Paris: Ophrys

Cruse, D. A. (1986) Lexical semantics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Crystal, D. (1992) Introducing linguistics Harmondsworth: Penguin

Culler, J. (1976) Saussure Glasgow: Fontana

Demanuelli, C. (1987) Points de repère : approche interlinguistique de la ponctuation : français-anglais. St-Etienne: CIEREC, Travaux LVIII

Fawcett, P. (1997) Translation and language : linguistic theories explained. Manchester: St. Jerome

Fromkin, V., R. Rodman & Nina Hyams (2003) An introduction to language [7th edition] Boston : Thomson/Heinle

Hartley, A. F. (1982) Linguistics for language learners. London: Macmillan

Hervey, S and Higgins, I. (1992) Thinking translation : a course in translation method, French-English. London: Routledge. Second edition 2002; references are to the first edition.

Leech G. (1981) Semantics: the study of meaning. Harmondsworth : Penguin

Lyons, J. (1968) Introduction to theoretical linguistics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Mandelbaum, D. G. (ed.) (1958) Selected writings of Edward Sapir in language, culture and personality Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of California Press

Nord, C. (1997) Translating as a purposeful activity : functionalist approaches explained. Manchester: St. Jerome

Palmer, F. R. (1981) Semantics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Pinker, S. (1994) The Language Instinct. New York: William Morrow

Saussure, F. (1973) Cours de Linguistique générale, C. Bally, A. Sechehaye, A. Riedlinger and T. de Mauro (eds), Paris: Payot

Schäffner, C. and Kelly-Holmes, H. (eds) (1995) Cultural functions of translation. Clevedon: Multilingual Matters

Shuttleworth, M and Cowie, M. (1997) Dictionary of translation studies. Manchester: St. Jerome

Yule, G. (1985) The Study of Language. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press


Comparing French and English

The following titles also support the theoretical part of this module as well as translation and comparison between the two languages more generally:

Koessler. M. and Derocquigny, J. (1928) Les faux amis : ou, Les trahisons du vocabulaire anglais (conseils aux traducteurs). Paris: Vuibert

Roey J., Granger, S. and Swallow, H. (1998) Dictionnaire des faux amis français-anglais (third edition). Paris: Duculot

Vinay, J.-P. and J. Darbelnet. (1977) Stylistique comparée du français et de l'anglais : méthode de traduction. Paris: Didier


Approved dictionaries

You may take ONE simple French/English – English/French dictionary into the examination room with you, chosen from the following list. These are all available from the Union bookshop and from Blackwells. Please note: NO other dictionary or reference material is allowed in the examination room:

Harrap French Mini Dictionary ISBN: 978-0245-60716-5

Oxford French Mini Dictionary ISBN: 978-0-19-861045-8

Pocket Oxford-Hachette French Dictionary ISBN: 978-019-861071-7

French Dictionary - Collins GEM ISBN: 978-000-722397-8

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