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Module Reading List

Introduction to Research Design and Data Analysis, 2019/20, Semester 2
Barbara Summers
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

General Research Methods Texts (including information on research approaches and strategies, and on data collection)

Saunders, M N K; P Lewis and A Thornhill (2016), Research methods for business students, 7th Edition, New York: Pearson
Older editions can be useful for some topics

Additional reading on most topics, with more detail in some cases, can be found in:

Robson, C and McCartan, K (2016), Real World Research, 4th Edition, Wiley

Earlier editions (may only have Robson as author) also useable.

Quantitative Analysis

Field, A (2009), Discovering Statistics using SPSS, 3rd edition, Sages
(n.b. second edition still useable)

Hair, J F plus various co-authors depending on edition, Multivariate Data Analysis, Prentice Hall

Siegel, S and Castellan, N J (1988), Nonparametric statistics for the behavioral sciences, McGraw-Hill
Covers a wider range of non-parametric techniques than we discussed on the module

Tabachnick, B G and Fidell, L S (2013), Using Multivariate Statistics, 6th Edition, Pearson
Older editions useable

Qualitative Analysis

Easterby-Smith, Mark; Thorpe, Richard; Jackson, Paul (2015), Management and business research. 5th edition. Los Angeles: Sage. There is a new edition coming out in May.  

Saunders, M N K; P Lewis and A Thornhill (2016), Research methods for business students, 7th Edition, New York: Pearson 
Introductory textbook. Newer editions can be accessed online via library webpage. 

Miles, Matthew B.; Huberman, A. M.; Saldaña, Johnny. (2014), Qualitative data analysis ISBN: 9781452257877 (pbk. : alk. paper). Third edition. Thousand Oaks, Calif: Sage. Very useful textbook on qualitative data analysis. Use this edition (and not previous ones). 

Saldaña, J. (2015). The coding manual for qualitative researchers. Los Angeles, Calif: SAGE Publications. Very useful and well-written book about coding techniques. 

Symon, Gillian; Cassell, Catherine (2012), Qualitative organizational research. Core methods and current challenges. London: Sage. Nice handbook that covers a broad range of qualitative methods and techniques. Can be accessed online. See also: Cassell, Catherine; Symon, Gillian (Eds) (2004), Essential guide to qualitative methods in organizational research ISBN: 0761948880 (pbk); 0761948872. London, Thousand Oaks: Sage Publications. 

Flick, Uwe (2014): The SAGE handbook of qualitative data analysis ISBN: 9781446208984 (hbk.) : £95.00. Los Angeles: Sage. Good handbook to look up different methods for the analysis of qualitative data..

Cassell, Catherine; Cunliffe, Ann L.; Grandy, Gina (Eds.) (2018): The SAGE handbook of qualitative business and management research methods ISBN: 9781473926622 (hbk.) : £240.00. Los Angeles: SAGE reference. This new volume is likely to become one of the main sources to consult when seeking an overview of qualitative methods used in contemporary business and management research.   

This list was last updated on 18/03/2018