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Module Reading List

Understanding Music, 2019/20, Semester 1, 2
Dr Clive McClelland
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

The new Grove dictionary of music and musicians [!/search? bookMark=ePnHCXMw42JgAfZbUzkZhNyBfeJUBfB1xQqQczO5GSzcXEOcPXTzSwvi00HSuSDZeMhEqHF8em5-POgMJmCdbmppZGYMOrnSEDw9akyBVgBb5inh]

Jane Piper Clendinning and Elizabeth West Marvin, The musician's guide to theory and analysis (New York: W.W.Norton & Company, 2005)

Nicholas Cook, A Guide to Musical Analysis (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 1987).

Walter Everett, The foundations of rock : from "Blue suede shoes" to "Suite: Judy blue eyes" (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2009)

Johann Joseph Fux, The study of counterpoint : from Johann Joseph Fux's Gradus ad Parnassum , translated and edited by Alfred Mann with the collaboration of John Edmunds (New York: Norton, 1965)

Robert Gauldin, Harmonic practice in tonal music (New York and London: W.W.Norton & Company, 1997)

George Pratt, The dynamics of harmony : principles & practice (Milton Keynes: Open University Press, 1984)

Felix Salzer, Structural Hearing: Tonal Coherence in Music (New York: Dover, 1962)

Philip Tagg, Everyday tonality : towards a tonal theory of what most people hear (New York and Montreal: The Mass Media Music Scholars’ Press, 2009)

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