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Module Reading List

Design for Sports and Performance Clothing, 2019/20, Semester 1
Dr Mark Taylor
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Watkins, S & Dunne, L (2015) Functional clothing design : from sportswear to spacesuits. New York : Fairchild Books 

Watkins, S (1985) Clothing: the portable environment. Ames : Iowa State University Press    

Hayes, S & Venkatraman, P (Eds) (2106) Materials and technology for sportswear and performance apparelBoca Rouge : CRC Press  

Ashcroft, F (2001) Life at the extremes. London : Flamingo (An easy to read book, very interesting)

Parsons, M & Rose, M (2003) Invisible on Everest : innovation and the gear makersPhiladelphia, PA : Northern Liberties Press (A book about the history of outdoor sports clothing)

Golden, F & Tipton, M (2002) Essentials of sea survivalChampaign, IL ; Leeds : Human Kinetics (Another interesting book - great chapters on human thermoregulation)

Reilly, T & Waterhouse, J (2005) Sport, exercise and environmental physiology. Edinburgh : Elsevier Churchill Livingstone (Chapters 1 to 3. Others may be of interest)

Burton, A & Edholm, O (1955) Man in a cold environment : physiological and pathological effects of exposure to low temperaturesLondon : Edward Arnold (For the keen)

Edholm, O (1978) Man, hot and cold. London : Edward Arnold (Another for the keen)

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