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Module Reading List

Geology 1, 2019/20, Semester 1
Dr Graham McLeod
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Reading List for SOEE1570

The following is a listing of the recommended course texts. All are available at the library; however, there are some books that are strongly recommended for purchase:


For the Geological Materials strand of the course, there is one main text that is recommended to purchase. It is a very good general intro to geology as well, and will serve you well for Mineralogy and Petrology courses you will do in Level 2 of Geological Sciences:

·Earth materials : introduction to mineralogy and petrologyKlein and Philpotts, Cambridge University Press, 2013. (Chapter 6 Available as an Online Course Reading in the VLE)

There are two other texts which are recommended for Geology 1 in general. They both follow a similar format and have similar content; therefore, either book is good for further reading, and any edition of these books will suffice. The Library has many copies of both of these books. They are not as good as The Klein and Philpotts for detail, but are more general intro to geology type books –they also will not be really useful at Level 2. You may find these for cheap on Amazon, if so, worth buying. You can certainly rely on these for further reading although you may find that for Geological Materials, you will get more detail in the Klein and Philpotts book.

·Understanding Earth- Grotzinger, Jordan, Press and Siever. W.H. Freeman & Co. 2010

This book is in its 6th edition, however, any edition of the book will do for the course. The earlier editions are authored by Press and Siever or Press, Siever and Grotzinger. Understanding earth / Frank Press


·Earth: portrait of a planet– Marshak, S; W.W.Norton & Co., 3rd Edition, 2008.

Earlier or later editions will also suffice.

Two more text books that are strongly recommended for purchase are:

·A colour atlas of rocks and minerals in thin section, W.S. MacKenzie and A.E. Adams, Manson Publications, 1994. If you buy it, make sure you get the Manson edition that is the size of a small paperback book.

·Oxford Dictionary of Earth Sciences –this is an essential purchase, as geology is a science that is full of terminology. Collins also publishes a dictionary of geology, which is also good.

For the Earth History strand of the course, the recommended text is:

·Earth System History– Stanley, S.M; W.H. Freeman & Co. –any edition will do

Details will be provided in the Earth History handbook.


For the Intro to Palaeontology strand of the course, the recommended text is:

·Invertebrate Palaeontology and Evolution– Clarkson, E.N.K; Blackwell Science, 4th editon.

Other recommended reading:

·Sedimentary Structures, Collinson, J.C., Mountney, N.P. and Thompson, D.B., 2006. Terra Publications, 292 pages (£25).

· Sedimentary Petrology, Tucker, M.E., 2001, Blackwell Science, 272 pages (£32).

· Earth. (4th edition). F. Press & R. Siever. W.H. Freeman. 1986.- Very readable and expansive. Some aspects are getting rather dated but the over-all philosophy - where theories, observations, processes are presented in an accessible and chatty fashion - is commendable. The level should present you with few problems, even without a strong science or mathematical background. About 40% of the book is directly relevant to this module. The rest has varying use on other modules in Earth Sciences.

· The Inaccessible Earth. (2nd edition). G.C. Brown & A.E. Mussett. Chapman & Hall. 1993. - Fairly advanced text but is readable and the majority is accessible to first year students. Highly relevant to second year geophysics courses.

· Dynamic Earth. G.F. Davies. Cambridge Univ Press. 1999. - Advanced text - directed at final year undergraduates. However, it is the only current account of modern views and data concerning whole-earth tectonics. It is well-written and has large sections that are accessible to first year students.

· An Introduction to The Practical Study of Crystals, Minerals, and Rocks, K.G. Cox, N.B. Price and B. Harte, McGraw Hill, 1974.


This list was last updated on 02/10/2013