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Reading List

Composition, 2019/20, Semester 1, 2
Dr Martin Iddon
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Books and articles

Adlington, Robert, ‘The Music of Rebecca Saunders’, The musical times., cxl (1999),Vol. 140 (1868), 48–56

Demers, Joanna Teresa, Listening through the noise : the aesthetics of experimental electronic music, Oxford: OUP, 2010

Emmerson, Simon, Living electronic music, Aldershot: Ashgate, 2007

Emmerson, Simon, The language of electroacoustic music, London: Macmillan, 1986

Ferneyhough, Brian, Collected writings (Amsterdam: Harwood) 1995

Fineberg, Joshua (ed.), Contemporary music review., vol. 19 no.2 + 3, 2000. [Special issues on Spectral Music]

Grant, M.J., Serial music, serial aesthetics : compositional theory in post-war Europe, (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press) 2001 

Harvey, Jonathan, In quest of spirit : thoughts on music London: University of California Press 1999

Harvey, Jonathan, Downes, Michael (ed.), Music and inspiration London: Faber 1999

Landy, Leigh, Making music with sounds, London: Routledge, 2012

Landy, Leigh, Understanding the art of sound organisation, London: MIT 2007

Monelle, Raymond, Linguistics and semiotics in music ***

Morgan, Robert P. Twentieth-century music : a history of musical style in modern Europe and America (USA: Norton) 1991

O’Hagan, Peter (ed.), Aspects of British music of the 1990s Aldershot: Ashgate 2003

Roads, Curtis, Microsound, London: MIT, 2001

Smith Brindle, Reginald, The new music : the avant-garde since 1945 (Oxford University Press) 1993

Stockhausen, Karlheinz, Texte zur Musik, Köln: DuMont, 1963

Vanoeveren, Ine, TOMORROW'S MUSIC IN PRACTICE TODAY ISBN: 9789057188404 (Brussels: ASP Editions) 2018

Whittall, Arnold, Music since the First World War (Oxford University Press) 1977

Whittall, Arnold, Musical composition in the twentieth century (Oxford University Press) 1999

Wishart, Trevor, Audible design : a plain and easy introduction to practical sound composition, 1994

Wishart, Trevor, On Sonic Art, London: Routledge, 1996

Wishart, Trevor, Sound composition, York: Orpheus the pantomime, 2012

Articles on Lachenmann, spectral music, Ferneyhough, Saunders and Barrett can be found on JSTOR.

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Web resources

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Barrett, Richard, Adrift (United Music Publishers)

Barrett, Richard, Codex VII (United Music Publishers)

Barrett, Richard, Codex IX (United Music Publishers)

Barrett, Richard, Dark matter (United Music Publishers)

Barrett, Richard, Ne songe plus à fuir : for amplified solo 'cello (United Music Publishers) 1988

Barrett, Richard, Stirrings : for 9 instrumentalists (United Music Publishers) 2001

Ferneyhough, Brian, Bone alphabet (London: Edition Peters)

Ferneyhough, Brian, Cassandra's dream song : solo flute (London: Edition Peters)

Ferneyhough, Brian, Etudes transcendantales : flute, oboe, soprano, harpsichord, and violoncello (London: Edition Peters)

Ferneyhough, Brian, La Chute d Icare (London: Edition Peters)

Ferneyhough, Brian, Lemma-Icon-Epigram (London: Edition Peters)

Ferneyhough, Brian, Mnemosyne : bass flute and pre-recorded tape (London: Edition Peters)

Ferneyhough, Brian, Terrain (London: Edition Peters)

Ferneyhough, Brian, Time and motion study I : for solo bass clarinet (London: Edition Peters)

Ferneyhough, Brian, Time and motion study II : for solo 'cello and electronics (London: Edition Peters)

Ferneyhough, Brian, Transit for 6 solo voices and chamber orchestra [music]. (London: Edition Peters)

Ferneyhough, Brian, Unity capsule : solo flute (London: Edition Peters)

Grisey, Gérard, Partiels : pour 18 musiciens, [Milano] : Ricordi, c1976

Grisey, Gérard, Vortex temporum I, II, III : pour piano et cinq instruments : partitura, [Milano] : Ricordi, 1995

Lachenmann, Helmut, Allegro Sostenuto (Breitkopf and Härtle) c.2003

Lachenmann, Helmut, Consolation II (Wessobrunner Gebet) für 16 Singstimmen (Breitkopf and Härtle) 1980

Lachenmann, Helmut, Dal Niente (Interieur III) (Breitkopf and Härtle) 1980

Lachenmann, Helmut, Gran torso : Musik für Streichquartett = music for string quartet (Breitkopf and Härtle) 1980

Lachenmann, Helmut, Pression (Breitkopf and Härtle) c.1980

Lachenmann, Helmut, ".. .Zwei Gefühle...", Musik mit Leonardo (Breitkopf and Härtle) 2002

Saunders, Rebecca, Dichroic seventeen : for electric guitar, accordion, piano, 2 percussion, violoncello and 2 double bass (London: Peters) 1998.

Saunders, Rebecca, Quartet : for clarinet, accordion, piano and double bass (London: Peters) 1998.    

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Sound recordings

Please see the separate online discography for electroacoustic / sound composition

Barrett, Richard - Adrift (Richard Barrett, ELISION, Sarah Nicolls, Champ d’Action) (Psi: London) 2009

Barrett, Richard, Opening of the mouth. (ELISION, Hewett) (ABC Classics: Sydney) 1999/2008

Barrett, Richard, Transmission & other works for small ensemble. (ELISION Ensemble)

Barrett, Richard, Vanity (BBC Symphony Orchestra, Tamayo) (NMC: London) 1996

Ferneyhough, Brian, Chamber music (Ensemble Recheche) (Milano: Stradivarius) 2005

Ferneyhough, Brian, Instrumental Music (Ensemble Recherche) (Milano: Stradivarius) 2006

Ferneyhough, Brian, Shadowtime (Nieuw Ensemble, Hempel, Hodges et al) (London: NMC) 2006

Ferneyhough, Brian, Solo works (Etcetera) 1998

Ferneyhough, Brian, String Quartets (Arditti Quartet) Brian Ferneyhough 1 (France: Auvidis) 1994

Ferneyhough, Brian, Terrain (ELISION Ensemble) (Kairos) 2010

Grisey, Gérard, Les espaces acoustiques [sound recording] (Garth Konx, viola ; Asko Ensemble ; WDR Sinfonieorchestra Köln ; Stefan Asbury) (Cologne : Kairos), 2005 (0012422KAI)

Grisey, Gérard, Quatre chants pour franchir le seuil (Catherine Dubosc, soprano; Klangforum Wien, Sylvain Cambreling) (Vienna : Kairos), 2001 (0012252KAI)

Grisey, Gérard, Vortex temporum ; Taléa (Ensemble Recherche, Ryan, Kwamé) (Paris : Accord), 1997 (4642922 Accord)

Lachenmann, Helmut, Allegro sostenuto ; Serynade (Oka, Wells, Sugawara) (Germany: Kairos) 2001

Lachenmann, Helmut, Allegro sostenuto; Pression; Dal niente (Intérieur III) ; Intérieur I (Brunner, Dammerini, Grimmer) (Munich: Col Legno) 1994

Lachenmann, Helmut, Ausklang; Tableau (various artists) (Munich: Col Legno) 1994

Lachenmann, Helmut, Mouvement ( --vor der Erstarrung); --zwei Gefühle--, Musik mit Leonardo ; Consolation I ; Consolation II (Zender et al) (Germany: Kairos) 2001

Lachenmann, Helmut, Nun; Notturno : (Musik für Julia) (Riet et al) (Germany: Kairos) 2001

Lachenmann, Helmut, Piano music (Formenti) (Berlin: Col Legno) 2003

Lachenmann, Helmut, Reigen seliger Geister; Tanzsuite mit Deutschlandlied (Arditti et al) (France: Auvidis) 1994

Lachenmann, Helmut, Schwankungen am Rand (Ensemble Modern) (Munich: ECM) 2002

Saunders, Rebecca, Quartet, Into the blue, Molly's song 3 - shades of crimson, Dichroic seventeen (MusikFabrik, Stefan Asbury), (Germany : Kairos) 2001, (0012182KAI)

Other literature may be suggested throughout the course.

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