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Module Reading List

Islamic History and Civilisation, 2019/20, Semester 1, 2
Dr Samar Al Afandi
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Essential Reading

Hitti, P. (1970) History of the Arabs : London: Palgrave Macmillan (course book)

Hourani, A (1991) A History of the Arab Peoples. London: Faber & Faber

Kennedy, H (2004) The Prophet and the Age of the Caliphates, 2nd edition, Harlow: Longman.

Silverstein, A.J. (2010) Islamic history : a very short introduction ISBN: 9780199545728 (pbk.); 0199545723 (pbk.) Oxford: Oxford University Press

Brown, J.A.C 2015 Misquoting Muhammad : the challenge and choices of interpreting the Prophet's legacy ISBN: 9781780747828 (pbk.) : £10.99 Richmond, Oneworld

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Indicative reading

Al-Djazairi, S.E. (2005) The hidden debt to Islamic civilisation ISBN: 9780955115615 (pbk.); 9780955115608 (hbk.); 0955115604 (hbk.); 0955115612 (pbk.). Bayt el-Hikam Press: Oxford

_____________ (2006) The golden age and decline of Islamic civilisation ISBN: 9780955115639 (pbk.); 9780955115622 (hbk.); 0955115620 (hbk.); 0955115639 (pbk.). Bayt el-Hikam Press: Oxford

Al-Hassani, S.T.S (ed), E, Woodcock & R Saoud (2006) 1001 inventions : Muslim heritage in our world ISBN: 9780955242618; 0955242614. Foundation for Science & technology and Civilisation, Manchester Great Britain

Bennison, A. (2011) The Great Caliphs: the golden age of the Abbasid Empire. I.B. Tauris: London

Egger, V (2003) A history of the Muslim world to 1405 : the making of a civilization ISBN: 0130983896 (pbk. : alk. paper). Prentice Hall Publishing.

Halm H. (1997): The Fatimids and their traditions of learning, I.B. Tauris: London

Hawting, G. (1986): The First Dynasty of Islam: The Umayyad Caliphate , AD 661-750, London: Croom Holm

Hodgson, M (1974) The Venture of Islam. Chicago: University of Chicago Press

Hourani, A (1983) Arabic Thought in the Liberal Age, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Kennedy, H (1981) The early Abbasid caliphate : a political history, Dover: Croom Helm

Lapidus, I.M (2002) A History of Islamic Societies, 2nd edition, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Lewis, B (1964) The Arabs in History. Hutchinson University Library

Madelung, W. (1997) The succession to Muhammad : a study of the early Caliphate ISBN: 9780521646963 (pbk); 0521561817, Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Netton, I R (1992) Popular Dictionary of Islam. Richmond: Curzon

Rahman, F. (1979) Islam 2nd edition. Chicago: The University of Chicago Press.

Rahman, H.U. (1995)A chronology of Islamic history, 570-1000 CE. London: Taha Publishers

Rauf. A (1993) Illustrated history of Islam. Lahore: Ferozsons Ltd.

Shaban, M A (1970) The Abbasid revolution Cambridge: Cambridge University Press

Shaban, M A (1971) Islamic history : a new interpretation Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Silverstein, A.J. (2010) Islamic history : a very short introduction ISBN: 9780199545728 (pbk.); 0199545723 (pbk.) Oxford: Oxford University Press

Watt, WM. 2007 A history of Islamic Spain Aldine Transaction New Brunswick

Watt, WM, (1985). Islamic Philosophy and Theology. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press.

Wicker, B. et al., (1998). The Crescent and the cross : Muslim and Christian approaches to war and peace. London: Macmillan Press.

Tibi, B., (1988). The crisis of modern Islam : a preindustrial culture in the scientific-technological age. Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press.

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