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Module Reading List

Technology in Communication and Media, 2019/20, Semester 1
Dr Holly Steel
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Briggs, Asa & Peter Burke   A Social History of the Media 3rd edition (or 2nd edition, similar)  2009 (2005)

Calabrese, A and C. Sparks, C. eds,. Toward a political economy of culture : capitalism and communication in the twenty-first century. 2004

Campbell-Kelly, Martin & Aspray, William Computer: a History of the Information Machine 2004

Carey, James Communication as culture 2002

Cavanagh, A. Sociology in the age of the Internet. 2007

Ceruzzi, P   A History of Modern Computing 2nd edition 2003

Crowley, D & Heyer, P (eds) Communication in History (various editions) 1995, 1999, 2003, 2011

Curran, J, Fenton, N & Freedman, D. Misunderstanding the Internet 2012

Curran, J & Seaton, J.  Power without responsibility : the press, broadcasting and the internet in Britain 7th edition 2009

Douglas, S. Inventing American Broadcasting, 1899-1922. 1987

Douglas, S. Listening In: Radio and the American Imagination 2004

Edgerton, D The shock of the old : technology and global history since 1900 2008

Enticknap, Leo   Moving image technology : from zoetrope to digital  2005

Flichy, Patrice Dynamics of modern communication : the shaping and impact of new communication technologies  1995 

Freedman, D. The politics of media policy. 2008

Galperin, Hernan   New television, old politics : the transition to digital TV in the United States and Britain 2004

Gillespie, T., Boczkowski, P.J. & Foot, K.A. Media technologies : essays on communication, materiality, and society ISBN: 9781461957225 (electronic bk.); 1461957222 (electronic bk.); 9780262525374; 0262525372; 0262319462 (electronic bk.); 9780262319461 (electronic bk.) 2014

Gomery, D & Hockley, L Television industries 2006

Iosifidis, P. Reinventing public service communication : European broadcasters and beyond. 2010

Jenkins, H. Convergence Culture. 2006

Kennedy, H. Post, Mine, Repeat: Social Media Data Mining Becomes Ordinary. 2016

Lax, Stephen Media and communication technologies : a critical introduction 2009 Chapter 5 available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva.

Leadbeater, C. Living on Thin Air. 2000

Lievrouw, L & Livingstone, S (eds) Handbook of New Media, updated student edition. 2006

Mackay, H Investigating the information society 2001

Mackay, Hugh & O’Sullivan, Tim (eds)   The media reader : continuity and transformation 1999

Mackenzie, D & Wajcman, J. The Social Shaping of Technology, 2nd ed. 1999

Marvin, Carolyn   When old technologies were new : thinking about electric communication in the late nineteenth century 1988

Moe, H & Van den Bulck, H Teletext in Europe : from the analog to the digital era ISBN: 9789187957253. 2016

Mosco, V. The digital sublime : myth, power, and cyberspace. 2005 Chapter 5 available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva.

Nightingale, V. & Dwyer, T. New media worlds : challenges for convergence. 2007 

Orlik, P et al Exploring electronic media : chronicles and challenges  2007

Rheingold, Howard The virtual community : homesteading on the electronic frontier Revised edition 2000

Robins, K & F Webster Times of the technoculture : from the information society to the virtual life 1999

Sismondo, S. An introduction to science and technology studies 2nd ed. 2010

Smith, M & Marx, Leo (eds)   Does technology drive history? : the dilemma of technological determinism 1994

Standage, T The Victorian Internet 1999

Starks, M The digital television revolution : origins to outcomes 2013

Webster, Frank (ed). The information society reader 2004

Webster, Frank   Theories of the information society 3rd edition 2006

Williams, Raymond Television: Technology and Cultural Form 2003 (1974)

Winston, Brian Media technology and society : a history : from the telegraph to the Internet 1998

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