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Module Reading List

Systems Thinking and Consulting Practice, 2019/20, Semester 1
Matthew Davis
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

You will be provided with a set of references after each lecture relating to the individual topic taught. The references below give a good general introduction to socio-technical systems theory, risk management, HCI and human factors. Due to the advanced nature of this module a single core textbook is not available, you will be expected to follow-up on references and to read relevant journal articles.


Suggested readings that provide an introduction to the module material:

Cherns, A.B. (1987). Principles of sociotechnical design revisited. Human relations 40, 153-162.

Clegg, C.W. (2000). Sociotechnical principles for system design. Applied ergonomics. , 31, 463–477.

Clegg, C. W., Robinson, M. A., Davis, M. C., Bolton, L., Pieniazek, R., & McKay, A. (2017). Applying organizational psychology as a design science: A method for predicting malfunctions in socio-technical systems (PreMiSTS). Design Science, 3, 1-31. doi:10.1017/dsj.2017.4

Davis, M.C., Challenger, R., Jayewardene, D., & Clegg, C.W. (2014). Advancing socio-technical systems thinking: A call for bravery. Applied Ergonomics, 45(2, part A), 171-180. doi:

Glendon, A.I., Clarke, S. & McKenna, E.F. (2006). Human safety and risk management ( 2 nd Edition) . CRC Press.

Rogers, Y., Sharp, H. & Preece, J. (2011). Interaction Design: Beyond Human-Computer Interaction (3 rd Edition). New York: Wiley.

Wilson, J.R. & Corlett, N. (Eds.). (2005). Evaluation of human work (3rd Edition). London: CRC Press. 

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