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Module Reading List

Forming Victorian Fiction, 2019/20, Semester 2
Dr Richard Salmon
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Forming Victorian Fiction


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Texts for Purchase:

William Harrison Ainsworth, Jack Sheppard (1839, any edition)

Elizabeth Gaskell, Mary Barton (1848, Oxford World's Classics)

Emily Brontë, Wuthering Heights. (1847, Penguin or Oxford World's Classics)

Anne Brontë, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (1848, Oxford World's Classics)

William Thackeray, Vanity fair (1847-8, Oxford World’s Classics)

Charles Dickens, A Christmas Carol and Other Christmas Books (1843, Oxford World's Classics) 

Secondary Reading


The Victorian Novel: General Reading

Richard D. Altick, The English common reader : a social history of the mass reading public, 1800-1900, 2nd ed. (1998)

Laurel Brake, Bill Bell and David Finkelstein, eds., Nineteenth-century media and the construction of identities (2000)

Patrick Brantlinger, The reading lesson : the threat of mass literacy in nineteenth century British fiction (1998)

Patrick Brantlinger and William B. Thesing, eds., A companion to the Victorian novel (2002)

Louis Cazamian, The social novel in England, 1830-1850 : Dickens, Disraeli, Mrs Gaskell, Kingsley (1973)

Edward Copeland, The silver fork novel : fashionable fiction in the age of reform (2012)

Elizabeth Deeds Ermarth, The English novel in history, 1840-1895 (1996)

Alexis Easley, First-person anonymous : women writers and Victorian print media, 1830-70 (2004)

Lee Erickson, The economy of literary form : English literature and the industrialization of publishing, 1800-1850 (1996)

N. N. Feltes, Modes of production of Victorian novels (1986)

Kate Flint, ed., The Victorian novelist : social problems and social change (1987)

Kate Flint, The woman reader, 1837-1914 (1993).

Catherine Gallagher, The industrial reformation of English fiction : social discourse and narrative form, 1832-1867 (1985)

Amanpal Garcha, From sketch to novel : the development of Victorian fiction (2009)

Josephine M. Guy, The Victorian social-problem novel : the market, the individual, and communal life (1996)

Barbara Leah Harman, The feminine political novel in Victorian England (1998)

Keith Hollingsworth, The Newgate novel, 1830-1847 : Bulwer, Ainsworth, Dickens & Thackeray ISBN: 9781258441203  (1963)

Linda K. Hughes and Michael Lund, The Victorian serial (1991)

Patricia Ingham, The language of gender and class : transformation in the Victorian novel (1996)

Susan Johnston, Women and domestic experience in Victorian political fiction (2001)

John O. Jordan and Robert L. Patten, eds., Literature in the marketplace : nineteenth-century British publishing and the circulation of books (1995)

Katherine Kearns, Nineteenth-century literary realism : through the looking-glass (1996)

Joseph Kestner, Protest and reform : the British social narrative by women, 1827-1867 (1985)

John Kucich and Jenny Bourne-Taylor, ed., Oxford history of the novel in English v.3: The nineteenth-century novel, 1820-1880 ISBN: 9780191803499 (ebook) : No price (2012)

Graham Law, Serializing fiction in the Victorian press (2000)

Carolyn Lesjak, Working fictions : a genealogy of the Victorian novel (2006)

Georg Lukacs, The Historical Novel (1962)

Gail Marshall, Victorian fiction (2002)

Richard Maxwell, The historical novel in Europe, 1650-1950 (2009)

Andrew H. Miller, Novels behind glass : commodity culture and Victorian narrative (1995).

Francis O’Gorman, ed., A concise companion to the Victorian novel (2005)

Sheila M. Smith, The other nation : the poor in English novels of the 1840s and 1850s (1980)

Kathleen Tillotson, Novels of the eighteen-forties (1954)

John Sutherland, The Stanford companion to Victorian fiction (1989)

---. Victorian novelists and publishers (1976)

Igor Webb, From custom to capital : the English novel and the Industrial Revolution (1981)

Cheryl Wilson, Fashioning the silver fork novel (2012)

Susan Zlotnick, Women, writing, and the industrial revolution (1998)

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William Ainsworth

 Ruth Baldwin, ‘Serial Crime’, Nineteenth-century contexts., Vol. 35 (3), pp. 237-252

 Matthew Buckley, ‘Sensations of Celebrity: Jack Sheppard and the Mass Audience’, Victorian studies., Vol. 44 (3), 2002, pp. 423-63

 Lauren Gillingham, ‘Ainsworth’s Jack Sheppard and the Crimes of History’, Studies in English literature, 1500-1900. ISSN: 0039-3657, Vol. 49 (4), 2009, pp. 879-906

 Erica McCrystal, ‘Reformative Sympathy in Nineteenth-Century Crime Fiction’, Victorian network ISSN: 2042-616X, Vol. 5 (2), Winter 2013 Available online:

 Lyn Pykett, ‘The Newgate Novel and Sensation Fiction, 1830-1868’ in The Cambridge companion to crime fiction [electronic resource], ed. Martin Priestman (2003)

 Elizabeth Stearns, ‘A “Darling of the Mob”: The Antidisciplinarity of the Jack Sheppard Texts’, Victorian literature and culture., Vol 41 (3), September 2013, pp. 435-61

 Heather Worthington, ‘The Newgate Novel’ in Oxford history of the novel in English v.3: The Nineteenth-Century Novel 1820-1880, ed. John Kucich and Jenny Bourne-Taylor (2012)

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The Brontës

Miriam Allott, ed., The Brontës : the critical heritage (1974)

Juliet Barker, The Brontës (1994)

Maggie Berg, '"Let me have its bowels then": Violence, Sacrificial Structure, and Anne Brontë's Tenant of Wildfell Hall', Lit : literature interpretation theory. ISSN: 1042-6928, Vol. 21, 2010, pp. 20-40

Monica Cohen, Professional domesticity in the Victorian novel : women, work and home (1998)

Stevie Davies, Emily Brontë : heretic (1994)

Emily Rena-Dozier, ‘Gothic Criticisms: Wuthering Heights and Nineteenth Literary History’, ELH., Vol. 77 (3), 2010, pp. 757-75

Terry Eagleton, Myths of power : a Marxist study of the Brontës (1975)

Terry Eagleton, Heathcliff and the Great Hunger : studies in Irish culture (1995)

Inga-Stina Ewbank, Their proper sphere : a study of the Bronte sisters as early-Victorian female novelists (1966)

Sandra Gilbert and Susan Gubar, The madwoman in the attic : the woman writer and the nineteenth-century literary imagination (1979)

Heather Glen, ed., The Cambridge companion to the Brontës (2002)

Ian Gregor, ed., The Brontës : a collection of critical essays

Elsie Michie, “From Simianized Irish to Oriental Despots: Heathcliff, Rochester, and Racial Difference”, Novel. 25 (1992): 125-40.

Lucasta Miller, The Brontë Myth (2001)

Beth Newman, "The Situation of the Looker-On": Gender, Narration, and Gaze in Wuthering Heights’, PMLA. Vol. 105, No. 5 (Oct., 1990), pp. 1029-1041.

Judith E. Pike, ‘“My name was Isabella Linton": Coverture, Domestic Violence, and Mrs. Heathcliff's Narrative in Wuthering Heights’, Nineteenth century literature. Vol. 64, No. 3 (December 2009), pp. 347-383.

Eve Kosofsky Sedgwick, The coherence of Gothic conventions (1986)

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Maja-Lisa von Sneidern, ‘Wuthering Heights and the Liverpool Slave Trade’, ELH. Vol. 62, No. 1 (Spring, 1995), pp. 171-196.

Patsy Stoneman, ed., Wuthering Heights : Emily Brontë [New Casebooks] (1993)

Lisa Surridge, Bleak houses : marital violence in Victorian fiction (2005)

Marianne Thormählen, The Brontës and religion (1999)

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Steven Vine, ‘The Wuther of the Other in Wuthering Heights’, Nineteenth century literature. Vol. 49, No. 3 (Dec., 1994), pp. 339-359.

Ian Ward, Law and the Brontẽs (2011)

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Charles Dickens

Malcom Andrews, Dickens and the grown-up child (1994)

John Bowen, Other Dickens : Pickwick to Chuzzlewit (2000)

Lynn Cain, Dickens, family, authorship : psychoanalytic perspectives on kinship and creativity (2008)

Kathryn Chittick, Dickens and the 1830's (1990)

Philip Collins, ed., Dickens : the critical heritage (1971)

Harald Fawkner, Animation and reification in Dickens's vision of the life-denying society (1977)

Kate Flint, Dickens (1986)

Holly Furneaux, Queer Dickens: Erotics, Families, Masculinities (2009)

Michael Hollington, Dickens and the grotesque (1984)

Patricia Ingham, Dickens, women, and language (1992)

Juliet John, Dickens's villains : melodrama, character, popular culture (2001)

John Kucich, Excess and restraint in the novels of Charles Dickens (1981)

Sally Ledger, Dickens and the popular radical imagination (2010)

John Lucas, The melancholy man : a study of Dickens's novels (1970)

Carol Mackay, ed., Dramatic Dickens (1989)

Myron Magnet, Dickens and the social order (1985)

Steven Marcus, Dickens : from Pickwick to Dombey (1965)

Joseph Hillis Miller, Charles Dickens : the world of his novels.. (1958)

Tara Moore, ‘Starvation in Victorian Christmas Fiction’, Victorian literature and culture. ISSN: 1060-1503, 36 (2), 2008, pp. 489-505

David Paroissien, ed., A companion to Charles Dickens (2008)

Robert L. Patten, ed., Dickens and Victorian print cultures (2012)

Lyn Pykett, Charles Dickens: Critical Issues (2002)

Anny Sadrin, Parentage and inheritance in the novels of Charles Dickens (1994)

Andrew Sanders, Dickens and the spirit of the age (1999)

Paul Schlicke, Dickens and Popular Entertainment (1985)

P.S. Schwarzbach, Dickens and the City (1979)

Jeremy Tambling, Dickens, violence, and the modern state : dreams of the scaffold (1995)

Catherine Waters, Dickens and the politics of the family (1997)

Alexander Welsh, The city of Dickens (1971)

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Elizabeth Gaskell

Felicia Bonaparte, The gypsy-bachelor of Manchester : the life of Mrs. Gaskell's demon (1992)

W.A. Craik, Elizabeth Gaskell and the English provincial novel (1975)

Angus Easson, Elizabeth Gaskell (1979)

Kate Flint, Elizabeth Gaskell (1995)

Margaret Ganz, Elizabeth Gaskell : the artist in conflict. (1969)

Linda K. Hughes and Michael Lund, Victorian publishing and Mrs. Gaskell's work (Charlottesville: PU of Virginia, 1999)

Jill Matus, ed., The Cambridge Companion to Elizabeth Gaskell (2007)

Arthur Pollard, Mrs Gaskell : novelist and biographer (1965)

Hilary M. Schor, Scheherezade in the marketplace : Elizabeth Gaskell and the Victorian novel (1992)

Jane Spencer, Elizabeth Gaskell (1993)

Patsy Stoneman, Elizabeth Gaskell (1987)

Lisa Surridge, ‘Working-Class Masculinities in Mary Barton ’, Victorian literature and culture., Vol. 28 (2), 2000, pp. 331-43

Jenny Uglow, Elizabeth Gaskell : a habit of stories (1993)

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W. M. Thackeray

Stephen Canham, ‘Art and the Illustrations of Vanity Fair and The Newcomes ’ in A history of book illustration : 29 points of view, ed. Bill Katz (1994), pp. 462-87. Available as an Online Course Reading in Minerva.

John Carey, Thackeray : prodigal genius (1977).

Micael Clarke, Thackeray and women (1995).

Robert A. Colby, Thackeray's canvass of humanity : an author and his public (1979).

Gary R. Dyer, ‘The “Vanity Fair” of Nineteenth Century England: Commerce, Women, and the East in the Ladies’ Bazaar’, Nineteenth century literature., Vol. 46 (2), Sept. 1991, pp. 196-222.

Judith Fisher, Thackeray's skeptical narrative and the "perilous trade" of authorship (2002)

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Michael Lund, Reading Thackeray (1988).

Juliet McMaster, Thackeray: the major novels (1971).

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Pollard, Arthur, ed., Thackeray, 'Vanity Fair' : a casebook (1978).

Rawlins, Jack P., Thackeray's novels : a fiction that is true (1974). .

Richard Salmon, William Makepeace Thackeray (2005)

Richard Salmon and Alice Crossley, eds., Thackeray in time : history, memory, and modernity (2016)

Shillingsburg, Peter L., Pegasus in harness : Victorian publishing and W.M. Thackeray (1992).

Sutherland, John, Thackeray at work (1974).

Tillotson, Geoffrey, Thackeray the novelist (1963).

Tillotson, Geoffrey and Donald Hawes, eds., Thackeray : the critical heritage (1968).

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