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Reading list for TRAN1011

Challenges in Transport and Mobility, 2019/20, Semester 1
Dr Dave Milne
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Reading list for TRAN1011

General text

* Metz, D. (2019) 'Driving change: travel in the twenty-first century'. Agenda Publishing Ltd.

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Week 1: Introduction to global challenges and background reading

* Banister, D. (2011) ‘Cities, mobility and climate change’ Journal of transport geography. 19:6:1538-1546

Dimitriou, H. (2011) ‘Transport and city development: understanding the fundamentals’ Chapter 2 in Gakenheimer, R. and Dimitriou, H. Urban transport in the developing world : a handbook of policy and practice Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd.

Social Exclusion Unit (2003) Making the connections : final report on transport and social exclusion  (15/10/15)

Tight, M et al (2011) ‘Visions for a walking and cycling focussed urban transport system’ Journal of transport geography. 19:6: 1580-1589

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Week 2: The role of transport in shaping the city

* Warner, Sam Bass. Streetcar suburbs. Vol. 133. Harvard University Press, 1978, Chapters 1-3 (pp.1-45)

Cities on the Move: A World Bank Urban Transport Strategy Review, 2002, Executive Summary and Chapter 1

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Week 3: Accessibility, proximity of place and unequal mobilities

* Ferreira A and Batey P (2007) Re-thinking accessibility planning: A multi-layer conceptual framework and its policy implications, The town planning review., 78, pp.429-458. doi: 10.3828/tpr.78.4.3

Jones P and Lucas K (2012) ‘The social consequences of transport decision-making: Clarifying concepts, synthesising knowledge and assessing implications’, Journal of transport geography., 21. 4 - 16

Lucas K (2012) ‘Transport and social exclusion: Where are we now? ’, Transport policy., 20, pp.105-113.

Ohnmacht, T. (2009) ‘Mobilities and Inequalities: An Introduction’ Chapter 1 in T. Ohnmacht, H. Maksim, M.M. Bergman Mobilities and inequality Ashgate, Surrey, United Kingdom

* Social Exclusion Unit (2003) Making the connections : final report on transport and social exclusion 

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Week 4: Understanding travel behaviours and mobility cultures

Beirão, G. & J.A. Sarsfield Cabral (2007) Understanding attitudes towards public transport and private car: A qualitative study Transport policy., 14, pp.478-489.

Button, K.J. (1993) ‘ Transport Economics ’ 2nd Edition Chapters 3 & 4

* Jensen, M. (1999) ‘Passion and heart in transport — a sociological analysis on transport behaviour. Transport policy., 6, pp.19-33.

Mokhtarian, P.L., Salomon, I., Redmond, L.S., (2001). Understanding the demand for travel: it’s not purely ‘derived’. Innovation.: The European Journal of Social Sciences 14 (1), 355–380.

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Week 5: Understanding safety and risk

Dewar, R., Olson, P. et al. (2007). Human factors in traffic safety,  Tucson, AZ : Lawyers & Judges Pub. Co.

Merat N and Jamson AH (2013). The effect of three low-cost engineering treatments on driver fatigue: A driving simulator studyAccident analysis and prevention. ISSN: 0001-4575, 50, pp.8-15. doi: 10.1016/j.aap.2012.09.017

* Merat N and Lee JD (2012) Preface to the Special Section on Human Factors and Automation in Vehicles: Designing Highly Automated Vehicles with the Driver in Mind, Human factors : the journal of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society., 64, pp.681-686. doi: 10.1177/0018720812461374

Strayer, D.L.; Drews, F.A.; Crouch, D.J. (2006). A Comparison of the Cell Phone Driver and the Drunk Driver. Human factors : the journal of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society., 48, 381-391.

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Week 7: Energy, environment and climate change

Bristow, A.L. et al (2008) ‘Developing pathways to low carbon land-based passenger transport in Great Britain by 2050’, Energy Policy., 36, pp. 3427-3435.

* DEFRA (2011) ‘The air quality strategy for England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland’, July 2007 .

Åkerman J. and Höjer M. (2006) ‘How much transport can the climate stand? Sweden on a sustainable path in 2050’, Energy Policy., 34 (14), pp. 1944-1957.

Lenzen, M. (2002) ‘Global warming’, in Button, K.J. and Hensher, D.A. (eds) Handbook of transport and the environment. Pergamon Press.

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Week 8: Healthy cities and healthy lifestyles

* Pooley C., et al (2011), Understanding Walking and Cycling: Summary of key findings and recommendations, Lancaster: University of Lancaster [Online] Currently available from (accessed 28/09/14).

Pucher, J. and Buehler, R. (2010) ‘Walking and cycling for healthy cities’ Built environment. 36, 391-414.

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Week 9: Understanding more about transport through data

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Week 10: Future innovations in transport and mobility

 * Core reading

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