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Trends and Forecsting Reading List

Trends and Forecasting, 2019/20, Semester 1, 2
Ms Claire Watson
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Blaszczyk, R and Wubs, B. (2018) The fashion forecasters : a hidden history of color and trend prediction ISBN: 9781350017160 (hardback); 1350017167 (hardback); 1350017175; 9781350017177, Bloomsbury

Brannon, E., L., (2010) Fashion forecasting Fairchild

Cassidy, D., T. and T., (2005) Colour forecasting

Dixon, P. (2007), Futurewise : six faces of global change : a personal and corporate guide to survival and success in the third millennium, Profile Books

Higham, (2009) The next big thing : spotting and forecasting consumer trends for profit

Holland, G & Jones, R. (2017) Fashion trend forecasting ISBN: 9781786270580 paperback; 1786270587 paperback Laurence King

Kim, E., Fiore, A.M., & Kim, H (2011) Fashion trends : analysis and forecasting (Understanding fashion), Berg Publishers

Liu, S (2010) Fashion market and design management : how does a high street fashion brand manage its new product development process to meet the demand of a new market LAP Lambert Academic Publishing AG & Co KG

Mason, H, Mattin, D, Luthy, M, & Dumitrescu (2015) Trend Driven Innovation, Wiley

McKelvey, K & Munslow, J (2008) Fashion forecasting John Wiley & Sons

Raymond M (2010) The trend forecaster's handbook Laurence King

Scully K, Cobb, D., J., (2012) Colour forecasting for fashion (portfolio skills), Laurence King

Seivewright, S (2007) Basics Fashion Design: Research and design, AVA Publishing

Shaw, D., Koumbis, D., (2014), Fashion buying : from trend forecasting to shop floor, Fairchild Books

Singh, S. (2012), New mega trends : implications for our future lives, Palgrave Macmillan

Strauss, M, & Lynch, A (2007) Changing fashion : a critical introduction to trend analysis and meaning

Tetlock, P, & Gardner, D, (2016) Superforecasting : the art and science of prediction ISBN: 9781847947154 (pbk.) : £8.99

The Economist, (2012), Megachange : the world in 2050, Economist Books

Vinken, B & Hewson M (2007) Fashion zeitgeist : trends and cycles in the fashion system

This list was last updated on 02/10/2018