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LUBS5404M Module Reading List

Marketing Communications, 2019/20, Semester 1
Tony Byng
Tutor information is taken from the Module Catalogue

Module Reading List

Recommended core text:

Fill, C. and Turnbull S. (2016) Marketing communications : discovery, creation and conversations ISBN: 9781292092614 (print); 1292092610 (print); 9781292093833 (pdf); 1292093838 (pdf); 9781292093826 (ebk.); 129209382X (ebk.) 7th edition, Pearson Education Ltd. (ISBN 978-1-09261-4)

Week by Week Supplementary Reading

Week 1: Introduction and Overview of Marketing Communications Process

  • Focus on chapter readings from Fill & Turnbull chapters 1, 2, 4

Week 2: Communications and The Consumer

  • Fill & Turnbull chapters 3, 5 (pages 149-168)
  • Kendall, N. “How to develop and effective global brand strategy”, WARC Best Practice, October 2016 [available on WARC]
  • Lessons from the world’s top effective campaigns 2018, WARC [available on WARC]
  • PEDIGREE Child Replacement Programme. Cannes Creative Lions Gold, Creative Effectiveness Lions, 2018 [available on WARC]

 Week 3: Planning the Brand Campaign

  • Fill & Turnbull, chapters 5 (pages 168-177), 6, 9, 10
  • Collin, W. “The Future of Comms Planning”, Admap October 2014 [available on WARC]
  • White, T. & Gallery, R. (2014) “Doritos: How a snack brand made money in the music business” [Available on WARC]

Week 4: Direct Marketing

  • Fill & Turnbull, chapter 14 (pages 450 – 466)

 Week 5: Sales Promotion

  • Fill & Turnbull chapter 15
  • Gelb, B, Andrews, D & Lam, S (2007), “A Strategic Perspective on Sales Promotions”, MIT Sloan management review. ISSN: 1532-9194, 48 (4)
  • Hardesty, D & Bearden, W (2003), “Consumer evaluations of different promotion types and price presentations: the moderating role of promotional benefit level”, Journal of retailing. ISSN: 0022-4359, 79
  • Charles, P., (2005) “Restoring media relations through a series of high-profile events.” Strategic Communication Management, 9 (4) OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (GW 25/09/2018) 

Week 6: Developing Advertising

  • Fill & Turnbull, chapters 11, 17
  • Gunn 10: The world’s best creative work [available on WARC]
  • Nelson-Field, K & Riebe, E “How advertising attracts attention”, Admap ISSN: 0001-8295, September 2018
  • Nyilasy G & Reid L N (2009), “Agency practitioner theories of how advertising works”, Journal of advertising. ISSN: 0091-3367, vol 38, pp 81-96
  • Pringle H (2012), “How to use celebrity in brand building”, WARC Best Practice Paper, March 2012. [available on WARC]

Week 7: Media, Agencies & Regulation

  • Fill & Turnbull, chapters 18, 20
  • Blades, F. “How To Implement Paid, Owned, Earned Media Strategy” WARC Best Practice, March 2017 [available on WARC]
  • Gunn 100: the world’s best media strategies [available on WARC]
  • Rudaizky J (2012), “Integrated Marketing: Play for the team”, Admap, July/August 2012 [Available on WARC]

Week 8: Personal Selling

  • Fill & Turnbull, chapters 14 (pages 467 – 483)

 • Weitz, BA & Bradford, KD (1999). Personal Selling and sales management: A relationship marketing perspective. Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. ISSN: 0092-0703, 27(2), 241-254
• Wotruba, TR (1991). The Evolution of Personal Selling, The Journal of personal selling & sales management. ISSN: 0885-3134, 11:3, 1-12

Week 9: Sponsorship

  • Fill & Turnbull, chapter 13

Week 10: Digital

  • Fill & Turnbull, chapter 19


· Porter, L. & Golan, G., (2006) “From Subservient Chickens to Brawny Men: A Comparison of Viral Advertising to Television Advertising”, Journal of Interactive Advertising, 6 (2) Available at:

  • Huang, A., (2003) “An empirical study of corporate Web site usability.”, Human Systems Management, 22 (1) OCR REQUESTED BY LIBRARY (GW 25/09/2018) 

WARC Online Resource

This online resource is provided by The World Advertising Research Centre. Through it you can access scholarly and practitioner articles; case studies; market reports and prize winning campaigns. Despite having advertising in the name the database presents insight on a range of brand communication aspects. Please familiarize yourself with the WARC database which is easily available on your iPad through the library link. NOTE: You have to access WARC via the Library link as it is a subscription only service. You will not gain access through a search engine.

Online Resources

Notes on Reading

Please note that the reading list is given for reference purposes. A detailed reference list enables you to explore the subject in more depth and read more about certain key topics. This does not necessarily mean that you have to read every page of every chapter in the text book or every single article listed. It means that you have some directed reading to follow. You should adapt the amount you read to your needs.


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